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Basics for Betting on Boxing

Boxing is often called the sweet science, and there are many betting options available for this sport. While the straight bet of picking a boxer to win a bout is the most popular boxing bet type, there are many other wagers that you can make.

Line shopping is always a good idea when you plan to bet on boxing. Line shopping is looking at various sportsbooks to find the very best odds for a bout you want to bet on. The odds will not differ much from sportsbook to sportsbook, but you want to get the best odds possible for a fight to get the best payout. Sign up for a few different legitimate sportsbooks, and then you can do line shopping to get the best odds possible.

The Straight Bet

The straight bet is the most popular boxing bet where you are picking a fighter to win a bout. The odds will reflect the favorite, and the underdog in the match and most sportsbooks will have odds for a fight in moneyline, decimal, and fractional form.

An example of a moneyline bet for boxing would be Floyd Mayweather -190 vs. Manny Pacquiao +170. In this example, Mayweather is the favorite denoted by the – in front of the number and Pacquiao is the underdog denoted by the +. In using $100 as an example, you will have to wager $190 to win $100 betting on Mayweather and $100 to win $170 betting on Pacquiao. The payout is better for Pacquiao, but that is because he is the underdog.

The Over/Under Bet

The Over/Under bet is a total bet, as you are betting on how long a fight will last. The winner of the fight does not matter, and you will see a bout with the number of rounds and then a moneyline right after it. This bet is easy to understand, as you are simply picking if you think the fight will go over or under the total rounds posted by the sportsbook.

Here is an example of an Over/Under bet

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao

Over 6.5 (+125)

Under 6.5 (-145)

In this example, the sportsbook has set the Over/Under at 6.5 rounds, so you are betting if you think the fight will go over or under 6.5 rounds. The under is the slight favorite in this example, as you will have to bet $145 to win $100 betting on the under and $100 to win $125 betting on the over.

Many times boxing sportsbooks will put a .5 after a round number to take the tie out of the equation. If the Over/Under is posted at six rounds and the fight does go six rounds, then the bet is a push, and you will get your original bet back. For a 5.5 round Over/Under bet to be a winning one, the fight will have to go five rounds and be over 1:30 into the 6th round.

Proposition Bets

A proposition bet, known as a prop bet, is one where you can wager on the details of a bout.There are many different boxing prop bets that you can make and the bigger the bout; the more prop bets will be available. A couple of examples of a prop bet are will a fighter win by TKO, will there be a decision, what round will the fight end. Prop bets have different odds, as some are weighed, and some can be 50/50.

Many fights will have prop bets on how the fight will end, as they will have odds posted for a Knockout, Technical Knockout, Decision, Technical Decision, and Disqualification.

Parlay Bets

Parlay bets are also popular for boxing, and it involves picking several bets and putting it one. For example, you can pick three fights, and you have to pick the winner of those three fights for the parlay to be a winning bet. The odds are added together to give you a great payout for a parlay, and you can use straight bets and Over/Under bets for parlays. While the payout is better for parlay bets, they are harder to win since you have to win multiple bets in one.

That should give you a give little guide to betting on boxing. Take what you learned here today and win some bets on the next fight.

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