2015 Premier Events Besides Manny and Floyd

While the world is excited, few would be surprised if the mega bout between Manny Pacuiao and Floyd Mayweather had a delay, hitch, or would be canceled all together.  After all, it took many years and about five of them past their individual primes to get this close to actually fighting.  So Apex Boxing Betting decided to peer into the future.  With the veil removed, some great fights are just on the horizon.  Also, there seems to be no shortage of quality opponents for Mayweather if this does not go off.  Let us now see what their is to be excited about in 2015.

Latin American War

While all of them come under the heading of Latin Americans, a word of advise is to not confuse one nationality with another when addressing boxers.  We have a fight coming up that brings together both Mexican and Puerto Rican pride under one roof.  Separated by almost a decade, Cotto and Alvarez have the power, pomp, and personality to score big for the box office.  This was almost a given for Cinco De Mayo weekend but Bob Arum had to give way as Floyd insisted that Manny fight on this weekend. Now the fight might be in jeopardy as Golden Boy productions have announced that Alvarez has grown impatient and might move on. This bout would have more substance than the mega bout planned this year.

Britan’s Latest Sacrifice

Amir Khan might be the hottest fighter outside of GGG in the ring.  He has destroyed Collazo and Alexander after he was cast aside by Mayweather when he fought Maidana.  Amir is in a holding pattern and an interesting money making bout for him would be Kell Brook.  The Brits speak with their money in railing their champs.  Another chance for Amir to look good and pocket coin while waiting for an opening atop his division.

2015 cotto ggg

Alas now we come Gennady Golovkin.  A destructive force that has run off all middleweight competition.  Cotto comes to mind but he is very hesitant to put his middleweight titles up for grabs against GGG.  Cotto could not draw enough gate against Mayweather to be worth his while and reputation.  SO Cotto will probably fight a second tier boxer like Peter Quillin or Daniel Geale.  GGG might be able to corner him for a great bout but probably not until 2016.  So let us pray that the Manny and Floyd fight goes on.  Win in this and roll your bank to the real fight of the year which would be Cotto and Alvarez.