Many minds hinged the future of professional boxing on Manny winning the Mega Fight.  When Floyd took the titles down, the death rattle  of the sports could be heard.  Ripples were being felt in every corner of the earth.  Asian countries were at a loss by their hero’s demise.  Meanwhile, the winner of the fight was continually booed for lack of action.  Apex Boxing Betting has our recap of the Mega Fight and what is left to build upon for the future.

Until Inflation Catches Up

This was the mountain top in terms of payday for several years or possibly a decade.  The US dollar has to become seriously devalued for the gate numbers to approach what they were for this one.  $74 million live and beyond $400 million in telecast revenue will be the benchmark for quite some time.  With Manny going under the knife and Floyd wanting to ride off in the sunset this year, the rematch most certainly will not come to fruition.  Without it, there are few personalities to fill the void in the necessary star power to come close to this money maker.


Background behind Pacquiao would have kept his win alive for the ages.  His family raised by his single mother had only watter for dinner many nights.  Not a select choice of solids but only liquids.  For a long time he equated the money he earned fighting in terms of the weight of food.  Couple that with the love of the underdog and the sport would have sliced into the UFC draws that are eclipsing the Sweet Science every day.

So while there is still profit to plunder, our jobs are made easier with boxing as a popular sport.  The increased influx of square money helps keep our irons red hot for when we want to brand our bets.  With Manny losing, the decline just gets faster to a world where we have to look more overseas to foreign boxing markets to lay our bets on.  Thank you for reading this Apex Boxing Betting recap of the Manny Floyd fight.