Future Hitched to this Boxing Star?

Wells can only stand so much usage before even the deepest of them run dry.  This is what has happened to the boxing dollar for the next six months.  An after effect of the big payday is that fans will not be spending their hard earned money any time soon.  Only Asia and Mexico are locations where this might not be the case right now.  Apex Boxing Betting is looking at one of the up and comers for the sport.  Also what is the next bout that the Sweet Science can build upon for some momentum in 2016 and beyond.

Bright Future

One boxer the industry might be able to hang their hat on is.  Canelo destroyed Kirkland and now could be the face of the sport.  He is young at twenty four and is the most beloved athlete for fighting in Mexico.  The third round knockout was the decisive result the sport craves.  He was not Canelo’s toughest opponent but coming on the aftermath of the Mayweather Pacquiao fight, it was a shot in the arm.  Even though he lost the power play by having to surrender Cinco De Mayo to Floyd, he will not be in his shadow much longer.

Left to Dream

Crops can not grow when the Earth is salted.  What Floyd and Manny did was sheer the sheep so there is little wool left.  This is the reasoning that the one remaining great fight left will not happen for at least two years.  GGG-Canelo is the showstopper of mega fights.  Alvarez can jump up to 160lbs rather easily.  Oscar is very keen on making this happen.  The only hitch that this might not usurp the numbers from Floyd Manny is that neither is American born.  Mexico or Macau would be ideal not that Vegas has lost its luster with premier boxing events.

We are left to dream about the next big one but fear not.  There are plenty of mid level events that have great entertainment value and the potential for big pay days.  So sit back and revisit Apex boxing Betting further in the week for a free pick to profit by this weekend.  Good fortune to all of us this evening.