50th Not Out of Reach for Floyd

Conspiracy theorists have convinced the mainstream media that something is just not right about Floyd’s “final” fight this September.  The cause for this conjecture was the reported opponent for his last fight.  Not many have heard of Andre Berto until now.  After we get done examining both him and the circumstances that motivate this, you might be able to understand why Floyd would opt for a cupcake for his last bout.

Tomato Can and Free TV

If you have lost three of your last six fights and have not been a superstar then there is no way of escaping the label as a tomato can.  A prop fighter used to further the agenda of the other camp.  Part of this is that utilizing a highly though of fighter on free tv would rub Mayweather the wrong way in the wallet.  Since he is known as Money Mayweather, one should look no further than that which drives him the most.

50th Equates to Pay Day

With a quoted September date looming, the person that could generate the most income would not be available.  Manny is out of action rehabbing an injury for up to a year.  By using such an inferior opponent, Floyd can afford to display a more aggressive style.  Remember that most of the complaints about the first fight centered around the overly cautious style employed by the victor.  Keeping a new and fresh image in mind might bring some of those that swore off boxing ppv’s back to the table.

APEX Boxing betting firmly believes that Floyd will not settle being in an undefeated tie with Rocky.  With that as the byline, his 50th win could get one last payday.  It will not be as great as the one with Manny but if there is one thing that Floyd knows, it is to extract profit.