And Floyd has the Reach Advantage

Forget all the dismay over Floyd opting for Andre Berto as his “last” opponent.  Disappointing pay per view projections aside, there is one stat that the handicapper should jump on.  What is that coming into this bout?  Which prop or wager will best hinge on this fact?  Read on with APEX Boxing Betting to find out how to easily cash in on this event!

Decisive Reach

Forget pedigree, history, or even talent, this fight is over because of the reach advantage.  A defensive fighter who can keep his chin way back sports a seventy two to sixty eight inch reach advantage.  With Floyds footwork, there is no possible way that Andre can penetrate the defense of the champ.  This is why the fight is not being received well as witness by the odds going around on it.

By the Numbers

  • Berto is a 12 to 1 underdog
  • Over on eleven and a half rounds is a 5-12 favorite
  • Mayweather by decision pays the best at 2-5
  • Mayweather by knockout is a juicy 3-2

The only factor propping the odds on the last two bets is that Floyd might want to go out with a flourish.  Will pride prick and prompt him to knockout such an outclassed foe?  Or will the pursuit of the almighty dollar allow him to ignore all the prompting of the crowd, get #49 safely, and cash that check.  With the reach advantage, we would go with the decision as being the ultra safe option to emulate the champs boxing style.

So watch the tone and tenor of the press conferences leading up to it.  How is Floyd going to present himself?  The more he talks about history, the more the knockout wager might make sense.  Any other tone or tenor will indicate business as usual with the decision.  Hold off until the fight gets near but be ready to pounce at America’s Bookie with a wager from a topped off account.  Reload now to pounce on the champs mood when it becomes crystal clear the course he will take.  Good fortune and we will talk to you next week here at Apex Boxing Betting.