Andre Ward Could Give us a Great Fight

Saturday night could see Andre Ward provide us with the best bout in boxing in over a decade.  Welcome back everyone to APEX Boxing Betting.  The talented recluse Andre Ward takes to the ring on Saturday night.  If he wins that he should get Sergey Kovalev.  Champ in the light heavyweight division has the Russian running all over the division.  Only someone that has the skills and special talent of an Andre Ward can keep pace with Kovalev.  We will examine Ward and Alexander Brand’s fight on Saturday Night for both profit and entertainment value on the 7th of August.

Andre Ward : Overwhelming Favorite

Brand is no pushover at 25-1 with 19 knockouts.  The product of Colombia finds himself in the neighborhood of a +3000 underdog.  Part of this is that Alexander has to come into Andre’s hometown of Oakland to mix fists.  10:30 PM on HBO is the approx time that this fight goes off.  Ward outpointed Barrera by at least eight points on every judge’s card.  It was not a visually impressive fight but his technical skill was unrivaled.  This is why he would be a perfect contrast to the ultra aggressive and heavy handed light heavyweight champ.

Predicted Result

Brand has knockout power which can always give that Hail Mary effect.  In practical chances, 1 out of 20 fights would see him get that rare haymaker in.  Andre Ward is a complete fighter who only suffers from a lack of self promotion.  In an era of either foreign champs or Americans who can not stop talking, Andre fits in neither category.  His work and skill has got him to the cusp.  Dispatch Brand and we all win with his next proposed fight against Kovalev.

Over in rounds would be where the profit is at in this one.  Expect this one to go the distance and an easy decision win from Andre Ward.  Check in with us next time here at APEX Boxing as we review the fight and start the hype of one of the best bouts you will have seen in the last ten years.  Good fortune and have a great weekend from your friends at APEX Boxing.