August First Boxing Wagers

Beautiful records collide next time on Premier Boxing Champions.  The Magic Man might be set up for defeat as he takes on Danny “Swift” Garcia (30-0, 17KO).  Another bout that has intrigue is Daniel Jacobs (29-1, 26Ko) as he takes on the twice drawn Sergio Mora (28-3-2, 9KO).  So let us examine the events on the first at 9PM from the Barcclay Center in Brooklyn.

ESPN Has Our Action

What happens when the magic will slow down as it must?  Age has robbed Malignaggi of his best ability.  He has always lacked power and now has to rely on ring strategy to out fox his foes.  This is the type of career that is just one tier below legendary.  He was an entertainer who fell short once too often.  What gets him an inflated price is his mic skills.  His commentary is several notches about most anyone else that has gotten out of the ring.  Even among those in the know, he gets more money on him than he should.  His foe is now fighting at a more natural 147lbs for him.  140lb was a trial to just get down to weight.  Now he has his tools without the punishment of fluid loss before the fight.  This one is an easy win for use.  Garcia to parlay in your weekend wagers.

Mora Vs Jacobs

Power is that ability to make the opposing fighter hesitate at the wrong instant.  Jacobs might have to worry about it but not this evening.  Mora has risen through the ranks as far as he can but his path is blocked tonight. Think of this as an audition for bigger and better paydays.  Even though the victory is almost assured, Jacobs might have to act more decisive than usual to gain fans.  Anything resembling a Floyd like fight has been shuneed as of late.

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