Bad Blood Bout in London 4PM Saturday Free Pick

Middleweight fighters are popular world wide because they have the power and speed to push the action every round.  This Saturday in London, we have the European Middleweight championship between two undefeated fighters.  These two have been hurling barbs at each for years and finally meet in the ring.  We are talking about Chris Eubanks JR (18-0) taking on the champ Billy Joe Saunders at 20-0.  The odds are slightly skewed because Eubanks had his father hold the same title and people are wagering on history repeating itself.  ESPN3 will have this on 11/29 at 3PM so get those wagers in right away.

Risen Through the Ranks

A subtle difference can be detected between two different paths a fighter can take.  If greatness is forecast for him, the start of his career is crafted towards gaining the numbers in his record to allow him to quickly ascend if he can take the early pressure.  The rest of the pack have to claw their way through the ranks if no one takes an immediate interest in them.  Billy Joe had to do just that.  He made it through Souhern, the British ranks, Commonwealth, and then finally he European stage.  Keys to his experience is that he has had to go deep a lot and his last three fights were against opponents with no blemishes on their record.  His camp has not shied away from potential pitfalls once he got past the local circuit.

Saunders vs Eubanks

Raw Talent Somewhat Refined

The ongoing process of converting raw talent into a boxer is almost complete with Chris Eubank Junior.  His punches are more crisp than his opponent.  His father gave him the pedigree as he was an established boxer himself.  Now that he has the fitness issue conquered, he has he stamina to effectively counter charging bulls.  This is what he will have to deal with in Saunders.  Playing defense is much more tiring but is a necessity for a brawler who has his foot on the accelerator pedal.  If he survives the first few rounds then all the qualities that had him pegged for greatness early on will serve him well on Saturday.

The Excel Arena is going to see a good one as the over 9 1/2 rounds comes in at a chalk -230.  Oddly with this number, the odds have been slanting towards Saunders in this one near -125.  The train of logic has been uncoupled in his one as for my money Eubank Junior should be the favorite if the fight goes on for a long time.  The silver spoon Eubank has a +105 and is your best bet for money in London on Saturday afternoon.  APEX Boxing likes the underdog value and makes it our Free Pick Value of the Weekend.  Good fortune and we will check in early next week with the wrap up from this one.