Best Bets to Win By Knockout

Across all the weight classes, few stand alone when it comes to pure stopping power.  The ability to end it all with one punch and a very frequent occasion makes for something fantastic to rail.  Having to stay glued to the television set or mobile device else you miss the precise second you cash is riveting.  Apex Boxing Betting will look at some of the elite that provide just such a thrill when you tail them in the ring.

All the Fun But At An Incredible Price

Triple G is where it is at in a safe bet.  32-0 with twenty nine knockouts means quick work and a never ending payday for the tailer.  Problem now is that you have to have this as a parlay ingredient to make it even marginally pay off.  Gennady even takes down people that were thought to be invincible.  Martin Murray is not in his talent class but he sure can take a punch.  Even he was stopped in the eleventh in Feburary.  Just sheer power and speed is Golovkin at this point in his career.

#2 Tested Even Under Fire

Lucas took a beating from John Molina recently.  He kissed the canvas twice and got a cut that could almost be termed a laceration in his fight.  Matthysse still pulled off the highly improbable and obliterated Molina with a few punches.  While 36-3 is not as safe as GGG, the high knockout ratio does provide ample entertainment to risk ratio on the very few occasions he did not connect to end it all.  Fighters like Danny Garcia might keep him at bay by sheer skill but those fighters are few and far between these days.

Gotta Love the Name Adonis

Have the love the foresight his parents had in his first name.  Adonis is one of those perfect boxing names.  He has earned his superman nickname quite well with a 26-1 record with 21 Ko’s.  Stevenson brought the house own on Kovalev recently.  Even though two of his last three fights were not decisive, anything but the highest tier of fighter will not be able to hold off his arsenal.

There you have it.  Apex Boxing has their names entered into the radar.  Whenever they enter the ring, you will get ample notice on when they would do so.  America’s Bookie is armed and ready for all your boxing and contact sport speculation.  Until next time, Apex Boxing bids you a fond day.