Betting on Boxing and MMA – Value in Betting Total Rounds

Boxing has been an international phenomenon for decades the sportsbooks and bettors alike have doubled down on the sport in the last ten years as the MMA has exploded. There is something about the primal nature of the sport that commands our attention and at the very least, demands our respect. Boxing has certainly seen its share of changes over the past thirty years and has highlighted some of the biggest names in all of sporting history. With names like Tyson, Mayweather, Foremon, Pacquiao, Holyfield, Jones Jr, de la Hoya, Klitschko, and many others, the sport has transcended into a betting phenomenon and everyone wants in. From the offshore bookmakers to the powerbooks of Las Vegas, the sports has more than tripled over the last ten years in terms of betting revenue.

Find a Top Sportsbook for Boxing and the MMA

Ten years ago the MMA was struggling to gain credibility and struggling even more so to convert traditional boxing fans. Although the sport had an appeal, it somehow failed to hang with the big boys. Thanks to Dana White, the sport is on the map. This sport has blown up all over the world and Dana can be thanked for it. What he has done is take his marketing genius and turn the MMA into a powerhouse in all of sports. The days of questioning the legitimacy of the MMA are long over. The Bookies and bettors have taken notice and the gambling money is flying everywhere.

Finding the Betting Value in Online Sportsbooks’ Special Player Props

Many question, can the MMA keep up the pace, can they continue to build on its fan base and grow even stronger? With Dana White at the helm, the sky is the limit. The MMA continues to grow and literally billions of dollars are spent either in Vegas or with the online bookie services. The boon for boxing is contributable to the US Supreme Court decision allowing gambling in the 49 states beyond Nevada. For years Nevada had a chokehold on the sports gambling industry but that is no longer. The Online books are preparing for and have seen a run on new accounts.

We all know the famous “all-time greatest lists”, and we all know the value of them. They are argument value and really nothing more. Who’s to say who the best baseball, basketball, football or hockey player of all time really is? What makes one person’s opinion more important than another’s? Is Michael Jordan the greatest NBA player of all time? Probably he is, can arguments be made for other players, yes absolutely they can be. What about Wayne Gretzky, Arnold Palmer or Babe Ruth? You see the point and it is incredibly difficult to answer who is the best ever but like the true fan that we are we still try and this on its face is why we are all so endeared to sports.

Non-Sports Betting Options at Online Sportsbooks

Boxing is the one sport that has an end all to any argument that ever arises about the greatest might be. Anyone that knows this sport just a little bit knows enough to say that Muhammad Ali is the greatest of all time and in our lifetimes, we will most likely never see another even close.

Find a great online sportsbook service that caters to boxing. Make it a point to find one that offers betting on boxing rounds. This is easily the best way to make quick cash on the sport and in the MMA it’s not only a money maker, it is a blast to bet on a round with the match dialed up on your TV right in your own home. There are literally tons of ways to bet boxing but betting on rounds is a much safer way to go and much more fun than waiting an entire match and then losing.