Big Boxing Bets for Bradley Pacquiao III 4/9

The rubber match between Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquaio settles things between the two men.  First two bouts were split at a win apiece.  What a big fight for Manny to ride off into the sunset after a historic career.  The PPV starts at 3PM on 4/9 and has a quality undercard to supplement the hot and heavy wagering action that is in store.  So sit back with your friends at APEX Boxing Betting as we intend to make profit for all levels of boxing handicappers this weekend.

Big Boxing Bets

These are the weekends that are made to stretch bankroll management.  The spectacle coupled with the history between the combatants makes for a special weekend. For those wanting to hop right on in, we encourage you to do so after reading out basic explanations on how to bet on this big fight.  With that to digest on, we present our logic for the 9th and present our wagering card for you to tail or fade.

Teddy Atlas

Our mindset is that we focus on the positive on the event before picking apart the defects we have unearthed.  We love the new look that Teddy Atlas has given Timothy Bradley.  At 37-1-1, he has always had success but he is at the age where speed and defensive ability begin to erode.  Therefore, he ditched his current trainer for Atlas to infuse a power element to his game.  He showed the world what he could do last November with a ninth round knockout of Brandon Rios. This was a beatdown and one of the reasons that Manny is only at -200 to win with Bradley getting +160.

Trio of Defects

Manny has three things working against him in this fight.  He is 37 years old and is long in the tooth.  Power he would still have if not for that shoulder injury.  This harms the pack his punch represents and effects his fitness.  It has been 11 months since he has been in the ring and this is his last fight.  While not wanting to embarrass himself, it would be a stretch to say he will come in ultra fit for this one.

History Affects Props

  • Bradley Won First Fight by split decision
  • Manny wins the second.

Here is where the history affects the price and some props.  By Bradley winning by a split the first time, there will be no repeat of a split in the third fight.  Furthermore, one can argue that Bradley’s card will be under scrutiny in this one as it was the second bout.  So Bradley by decision at +275 we will avoid.  After the long layoff and should injury, Manny by any form of knockout at +325 is also a no go.  So knowing all of this, we have the remaining props to consider.

  • Bradley KO +500
  • Manny Decision -150

We consulted around the home office and have compiled our card.  For those that wager Bradley, the KO +500 is worth it.  Pacquiao only has the decision -150 as his -200 ML is just wasting points because a KO is highly improbable.  Good fortune in our projections, APEX Boxing Betting has Bradley +500 by KO.  Good fortune and we will see you next week for more boxing profit to procure.