Boxing Betting Advice :How the Development of Boxers and Bettors Should be Similiar?

Manny made it look almost effortless in a decision win on Saturday.  He fought an opponent of rather limited means in regards to power.  So how did Chris Algieri get to be 20-0 and fight the champ despite only having eight knockouts?  The main reason is that he worked hard to overcome his limitations.  Also that when adversity or a Manny jab hit him, he got up after being floored six times.  So what are the key points for  any person to emulate Algieri and make progress in the realm of sports handicapping?

Have a Confidant

Whether a buddy at the bar, co-worker, or college roommate, it is ideal to have someone to bounce handicapping ideas off of.  The person does not even have to enjoy our hobby but just have a passion for sports.  Just like the boxer having a good corner man, weaknesses are often seen by others but are not detectable by ourselves.  It might be to the same level of being a mentor in boxing or just a sounding board.  No matter what, humans usually do better when teamwork is involved.


Manufacture Your Winning Ways

Those in the boxing business know that champions are not born but are the result of a ton of hard work.  Yes raw talent will get you up the ladder but the grindstone will get you past those final rungs.  This is key in the realm of wagering confidence.  Discipline takes two forms when betting with confidence.  First is to know that if you follow the rules of bankroll management that your chances of staying in the game during your apprenticeship go way up.  Secondly, that those hunch leans will rarely sate you but can emotionally cripple you when they go wrong.  Willpower is developed and can be gained by anyone willing to do the necessary work slowly and surely.

In the end, have the will and heart to get up. After the third or fourth time Chris was floored, the temptation was there to just accept it and collect his paycheck.  When those outrageous back door covers happen, your logic was sterling but fate was not on your side.  Maybe you reload and take a bonus package at America’s Bookie to give you a cushion while you iron out your game.  The key is to get off the mat and come back swinging.  The football playoffs are coming up so now is the time to build that bankroll to get into the postseason healthy.  Be a winner by working hard and betting confidently and with discipline when the moment arrives.  We at America’s Bookie wish you good fortune.