Boxing Betting Advice

The following is a bit of tips to assist you make clever decisions as you wager on the sweet science:

Tip #1: Try Avoiding Parlays If You Can:

In some instances, the situation may just demand it. For instance, when you wish to bet on a few or multiple notable favorites together, it would be a bit too expensive to bet straight on all of them. So, the best way for you to make a substantial amount of profit is to group them in a parlay. Similarly, if your cash available for betting is very limited and the fighting bouts all happen simultaneously, the best option in this case would be a parlay. There are bettors who choose to parlay together two major underdogs. You would get a robust reward if you hit a 6-1 and 8-1 bet on a $10 parlay for example.

Even in football, many wagers settle for the advantages and convenience of parlays. You will get 6-1 on a parlay if you decided to bet on 3 games at (–110). So, why not try making straight bets if the 3 games kick off at disparate times? For that same risk, you can win a little bit more cash and also have the power of withdrawing your earnings immediately after the first or second win if for any reason you had second thoughts about the wager.

Though the odds of boxing change the dynamics a bit, the overall principle of a parlay remains pretty similar to other sports. If boxers are close to even-money, and you decide to parlay them together, then straight bets would be best in this scenario so as to have better control and more options. It can really be depressing to successfully choose 3 out of 4 fighting bouts but end up losing.

Betting Tip #2: Bet on Underdogs More; Huge Favorites Less:

No other bets can gobble up your cash faster than boxing if you bet “chalk”! That is why some good underdog chooses are worth it. It is like this: betting 10-1 underdogs requires that you get it right only once out of ten to break even. You would be way ahead of the game if you were able to pick two 10-1 underdogs out of ten bouts.

Boxing is really a sport of shockers. The nature of other sports can allow a player who is having a bad day to be concealed just because he is just a single person out of many in the field. For instance, a pitcher being hammered is able to get the hook. But boxing offers no such advantage. A fighter having a bad day cannot hide it. This occurs even to the best all the time.

For most boxers who we know as champions today to reach there, someone had to get upset along the way. Towards the close of last year, undefeated boxer Jorge Salgado won a belt against Jorge Linares. During one sportsbook, Jorge Salgado was a 16-1 underdog with Linares appearing the better one. But Salgado had been highly esteemed by many and was undefeated. It seemed as if it was worth a bit of a good bet. Just consider the total number of times you may have to unsuccessfully choose an underdog like that to not make such a play a profitable one.

On the other hand, be a bit selective when betting on huge favorites. Betting on a dominant boxer with (–600) who is fighting an unfamed foe may win you an easy $100 sometimes, but the slimness of this error margin requires that you be nearly perfect to make it a beneficial play in the long-run because being wrong even once out of six times would lose you a lot of cash. And it is surprising how frequently that “once out of six times” can occur in boxing!

Betting Strategy #3: Take Extra Caution with Proposition Bets or Props:

It is the joy of sportsbooks if you make prop bets, those with the smallest positive anticipated value of any bettors on the board. Though over/under bets would seem very attractive, sometimes it is easier to determine the winner of a bout rather than how it is going to be won. Perhaps if the two fighters are evenly-matched, weak-chinned and both throw ferocious punches, and it becomes hard to pick a winner, it might be good to bet on the under. Else try focusing on who you believe will win.

A round proposition provides bigger returns, but picking it can be really difficult and the house advantage is massive. You find that picking the winner can be a tough task without having to forecast the exact round precisely. Though other bets like choosing how a boxer wins are a little bit more alluring, they are still troublesome. For instance, if you choose a fighter to win via knockout, but he merely clobbers the opponent to win through a skewed refereeing decision, you end up being a loser in spite of your analysis being too close to the correct prediction.

Do not struggle to be perfect and then lose for making the bet too difficult for yourself. Even if you believe that a fighter will win, do not sabotage your chances by trying to be exactly precise about how you think he is going to win. When you decide to have prop bets, let them be the side orders instead of the entree wager on your betting plate.

Betting Tip #4: Shop for Best Odds!

Seldom does every bookie offer the same odds for a bout. So, when you decide to wager, just be sure to do it in the right manner; shop for the best line. If you always make comparisons of prices to save money when buying toilet paper, why not do similar savings through line shopping of the most promising odds? My recommendation would be that you have 2 or more places to place your bets.

Concluding Thoughts

Mostly place straight bets. If a favorite fighter is above 2-1 and you have very little to bet, parlaying it with one more fighter who is equally favored is just okay. Averagely-favorite fighters qualify for straight wagers, as well as underdogs.