Boxing Betting For Dummies

Did you ever admire and contemplate participating in betting on boxing but was never really sure what you should do? Well, now it is quite easy to do thanks to advent of the Internet. And by the way, I hope that you do not feel belittled as you read this article that I have branded for Dummies; I just thought the title would grab readers’ attention more. And I think it did since you clicked on it and you are now still reading it! That said, let us just go straight to my quick betting on boxing tutorial.

Boxing Odds

In boxing betting money line is used, with odds being placed adjacent to the names of the participating boxers. The boxer whose name has the negative (-) number is favorite to win while the one having the positive (+) number is the underdog in the bout. So, whenever you see a negative (-), lay the amount there to win a dollar; whenever you see a positive (+), you gain that amount for each dollar bet on it — pretty simple.

Consider a boxing fight scenario whose odds read as shown below:

* De La Hoya (-300)
* Pacquiao (+200)
* Draw (+1,000)

This is a hypothetical match-up where a bettor who decides to bet on De La Hoya has to risk their $300 so as to win $100; those who wager on Pacquiao would have to give up their $100 in order to win $200. Then those folks who believe that the bout will conclude in a draw risk their $100 to try winning $1,000.

For any boxing bet that you make, the fighter you bet on must win the match for you to win your wager, else you lose. If the bout ends in a draw, the two bets on the opposing fighters lose, with only the bookmakers and any other bettor who had predicted a draw winning.

Proposition Bets or Props

These are single wagers that are placed on those outcomes not directly corresponding to a win or a loss.

The over/under prop is evidently the most used boxing prop, with people using it to bet according to how long fight lasts. It is used similarly to how over/under wagers function in other sports; rather than bet on the number of points scored in a particular game, you instead wager on the number of rounds the bout will last. For instance:

* De La Hoya versus Pacquiao Lasts Over 8 Rounds (-150)
* De La Hoya versus Pacquiao Lasts Under 8 Rounds (+100)

Wagering on the over (8 full rounds) wins you money if both fighters are still in the ring by the time the 9th round kicks off. This means that you would bet your $150 to win $100.

Wager on the under (8 full rounds) wins your bet so long as the referee stops the bout any time before the 8th round comes to a close, meaning that you would place $100 to win $100.

If by any chance the match is halted any time between the end of the 8th round and the start of the 9th round, anybody who had wagered on over/under props loses with the house (i.e. bookmakers) being the only people smiling all the way to the bank.

Wagering on the Knockout

Another major proposition bet when it comes to betting on boxing is wagering on who among the fighters wins by a knockout or stoppage. Considering the De La Hoya versus Pacquiao scenario again, their make-believe odds would be:

De La Hoya by KO or stoppage (-200)
Pacquiao by KO or stoppage (+200)

Golden Boys will win $100 on a $200 bet either if De La Hoya scores a knockout or the fight is stopped by the referee and he is declared winner. If the same fighter wins by decision, folks who backed him lose since he has not won by either knockout or stoppage.

The same situation will apply also for Pacquiao backers; the fighter must win by knockout or stoppage if they have any hope of winning $200 on $100 bets.

Did the details seem a bit long-winded? Sorry. I had to be sure that the explanation captured all the basic fundamentals of betting on boxing. And by the way, I am not really a professional gambler but just a fanatic of boxing who loves predicting losers and winners. Now, if you wished to test your prediction expertise, you at least have a good idea what to expect. If you decide to predict the right big bout results is a whole new story altogether!