Broner Behaving Badly Plus Vargas Bradley Free Pick

Last Saturday saw Adrien Broner exposed on national television.  On prime time free tv, NBC viewers saw Porter take him to task.  Badly out pointed, Broner scored a knock down but his opponent got up.  With that, his hopes have evaporated.  The subsequent tirade he went on afterwards derailed anyone from taking this propped up prize fighter seriously.  In this edition of Apex Boxing Betting, we look at his actions, GGG-Mayweather, and the upcoming Bradley Vargas fight.

GGG – Mayweather Banter

All show and no go was the back and forth by Golovkin and Mayweather.  Gennady will be the pound for pound best fighter once Mayweather retires.  Making hay while the sun still shines, GGG is trying to lure Floyd into sure destruction in the ring.  Mayweather countered this by saying that until seeing his last fight that he did not even know who Golovkin was.  A large overstatement but reading between the lines one can come up with the following.  You are good son but you will not make your bones on me.  Floyd is no fool and will have nothing to do with one of the best boxers in the world.


Floyd did not stop at this as he turned his sights to Broner.  Mayweather essentially indicated that Adrien needs to just grow up.  Well these words found their mark and Broner went off the edge.  Several veiled and somewhat cryptic twitters gave way to one last image.  Adrien holding a gun with the basic indication that if you cant beat a person then they get shot.  With the Charleston shootings in everyone’s memory, the heat on him has been intense since this ill timed meltdown on social media.

We have a closely contested bout to wager on this weekend.  Jessie Vargas (undefeated) against Tim Bradley (31-1-1, 12ko’s).  Yes this is the same Bradley that was a warm up for Manny.  Well even if it is not on the elite level, an even fight is still very entertaining and potentially profitable.  Important here is the 147 pound welterweight level they will box at.  It will not be for Vargas’ super lightwelt belt.  On HBO this Saturday (6/27/15) at 9:30 PM, we are looking at lines for Bradley near the -350 to -400 level.  The difference here is that Jessie’s power will disrupt Bradley.  Tim might be on his last legs here without a win.  Value is to be extracted on the underdog Vargas here.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at Apex Boxing Betting.