Can the Glitz of High Tech Woo Fans to NBC Boxing?

Boxing and network television had often gone hand in hand in the history of sports television broadcasting.  Along the way, the advent of pay per view eroded the casual fan base from the sport.  Now the Sweet Science is getting a high tech glaze on some of their broadcasts.  In an effort to amp up viewership, NBC has called in the technical gurus to bring our favorite past time back to the masses.

Shift From Score Cards

An archaic judging method shrouded behind curtains is one of the main things that frustrates fight fans.  In closer bouts, it is difficult for some people to accept that a visually even looking fight may actually be in the pronounced favor of what fighter.  To that effect, presentation has to be improved so it is easier to discern dominance when it comes in subtler shades.  Eye pleasing graphics coupled with shots that would make NEO jealous all would help the sport leap forward in the mind of the younger generation.

Going In Fresh

So three months have gone in the preparation for the return of boxing to prime time television.  NBC will host a variety of fights this night with emphasis on both glitz and competition.  Marv Albert and Sugar Ray Leonard will cohost the announcing duties from the MGM Grand.  Keith Thurman takes on Robert Guerrero.  Adrien Broner faces John Molina.  Tomorrow on Apex Boxing Betting we will break these bouts down and give out our free picks.

Gloves and shorts have new techno gizmos that can trace both velocity and punch type.  New equations will translate this into a variety of stats.  All of this is to give a video game feel and a way of tracking the fight that lessens the mystery into scoring.  Even the referees headband will have a camera with a live feed to augment viewing.  So the only thing left to ponder until tomorrow is what to purchase to drink from the store tonight?  Tune in tomorrow for our free picks to this prime time event.  Time to put some high tech hustle behind boxing’s muscle in this century.