Canelo vs Cato Boxing Free Pick 11 21

A fight with boxers closer to their prime than Floyd and Manny were is coming our way on Saturday, November 21st.  Here we have Canelo vs Cato in a clash of different styles, thought patterns, and ages.  Will the brawler overcome the counter punching of Canelo?  Linesmaker are going with youth in this one.  Find out the lines and whether the underdog Cato has the proverbial punchers chance to prevail and retain long term profitability in this one.

Youth Plus This

Youth is served here at the Mandalay this Saturday by Canelo.  He is 25 to Cato’s 35.  Height and reach are also to his advantage.  Finally, his handspeed and footwork are much kicker than the clobberer here.  In trying to ferret out the aggression, Canelo can come up with the in ring plan if Cato introduces any wrinkles here.  All of this puts him at the over -300 point being the favorite.

Retention of Power

Cato still has the power that has given primarily knockout victories in his long career.  He has taken some odd stances in this one that could be interpreted as doubt for this one.  For instance, he refused to pay the $1.1 million dollar fee the WBC was insisting on.  So he was stripped of the title.  The title holder after this one faces a mandatory Geneaddy Golovkin bout.  If Cato was supremely confident then that small change would be a pittance to what could be reaped in that fight.  Yes the price on Cato is +225 or so and very appealing to his fans.  Point is that if it retains profitability to wager on.

We have run the numbers and concluded that Cato can not knock him out enough times in the long term to make this bet satisfactory.  Therefore, the APEX Boxing Betting Free Pick of the Week is Canelo to win.  Good fortune on this and we will see you next time here at APEX.