What You Need To Know Before Placing Your First UFC Bet

Placing your first UFC bet requires some work. Key Points – UFC betting requires some knowledge and research to be successful. – Be sure to understand the odds and how UFC bets work. How to Bet UFC With UFC becoming more and more popular, it’s no surprise that people are looking to get in on

Betting on Boxing and MMA – Value in Betting Total Rounds

Boxing has been an international phenomenon for decades the sportsbooks and bettors alike have doubled down on the sport in the last ten years as the MMA has exploded. There is something about the primal nature of the sport that commands our attention and at the very least, demands our respect. Boxing has certainly seen

Cashing in On the MMA – What’s Hot this Month

Now that the United States Supreme Court has opened the doors to legalized gambling outside the state of Nevada, betting on the MMA and boxing in general just became a whole lot easier. Forget about the days of the “grey area” of online bookies, never knowing if online sports gambling was legal or not legal

The State of MMA

Don King has definitely left the building, so has Mike Tyson, it appears that Floyd Mayweather is done and now Connor McGregor. Dana White is the new Don King, what this guy has done for the sport of boxing is comparable to what Michael Jordan did for the NBA or what Wayne Gretzky did for

Ward Kovalev : Boxing Fight For Thanksgiving

November might seem a ways off but the Waqrd Kovalev fight is that hot of a commodity that we can savor it two months away.  Great to see everyone back here again at APEX Boxing Fighting.  One of the most aggressive and successful fighters on the planet is Sergey Kovalev.  Three major belts adorn his

Fight Night UFC : Poirier Johnson Free Pick 9/17

Texas is out to prove that they can make Fight Night UFC events just as big as their reputation as a state on September 17th.  Good morning and great to see everyone back here at APEX Boxing Betting.  Off of that oh so disappointing debut of CM Punk in the ppv, the Fox Sports One

Golovkin Brook Free Pick Fight of the Month

Two undefeated fighters clash in London as Golovkin Brook is all that the fight world is talking about.  Good afternoon and great to see one and all back here at APEX Boxing Betting.  Today, we have Kell Brook who is taking up the gauntlet that few boxers dare to do. Canelo backed out of a

UFC 203 : Gall Punk and How a Person Moves Like Food?

One of the great things about both the organization and the UFC 203 PPV is the never ending quotes and quality material coming into this event on September 10th.  Great to see everyone again here at APEX Boxing Betting.  Finally almost after two years, CM Punk will make the transition from the WWE to the

2016 Olympic Medalists and Pro Potential

RIO is over but most 2016 Olympic Medalists have hopes of going pro in boxing.  Great to have everyone back again at APEX Boxing Betting.  Today, we look forward to see what Americans and other starts have the brightest futures in the sport.  One has even captured the attention of Floyd Mayweather as he attempts to

UFC 202 Main Event : Diaz McGregor II

One of the best fights never made it to the big one so it is headlining UFC 202.  Thanks for checking back in here at APEX Boxing Betting.  This Saturday sees Diaz McGregor II which is the rematch of the stunning only loss in Conor’s career.  This time around the moneyline is much more equal