UFC 203 : Gall Punk and How a Person Moves Like Food?

One of the great things about both the organization and the UFC 203 PPV is the never ending quotes and quality material coming into this event on September 10th.  Great to see everyone again here at APEX Boxing Betting.  Finally almost after two years, CM Punk will make the transition from the WWE to the

2016 Olympic Medalists and Pro Potential

RIO is over but most 2016 Olympic Medalists have hopes of going pro in boxing.  Great to have everyone back again at APEX Boxing Betting.  Today, we look forward to see what Americans and other starts have the brightest futures in the sport.  One has even captured the attention of Floyd Mayweather as he attempts to

UFC 202 Main Event : Diaz McGregor II

One of the best fights never made it to the big one so it is headlining UFC 202.  Thanks for checking back in here at APEX Boxing Betting.  This Saturday sees Diaz McGregor II which is the rematch of the stunning only loss in Conor’s career.  This time around the moneyline is much more equal

New Olympic Boxing Scoring System

RIO 2016 will be the venue remembered for a new Olympic Boxing Scoring System.  Great to see everyone here at APEX Boxing Betting immersed in the action of these Summer Games.  It is very encouraging to see reform that works well in the Sweet Science.  It has been a long time coming since 1984 but

Andre Ward Could Give us a Great Fight

Saturday night could see Andre Ward provide us with the best bout in boxing in over a decade.  Welcome back everyone to APEX Boxing Betting.  The talented recluse Andre Ward takes to the ring on Saturday night.  If he wins that he should get Sergey Kovalev.  Champ in the light heavyweight division has the Russian

Best Fights Upcoming at Americas Bookie

Sweet science fans have a bunch of best fights upcoming for not only the remainder of this year but propelling us into 2017.  Great to see everyone again here at APEX Boxing Betting.  Today, we are looking over the menu and seeing plenty of five star items.  Fighters at the top of their game facing

Crawford-Postol Boxing Free Pick

Unification bout of Crawford-Postol brings our boxing Free Pick for Profit to the forefront this Saturday.  Good Morning and welcome back to APEX Boxing Betting.  Today, we are going to look at a rare treat.  Two undefeated fighters who have belts and the pedigrees to back them up.  This light heavyweight bout has excellent value

Manny Pacquiao Retirement Ends

Big boxing breaking news as Manny Pacquiao Retirement Ends is flashing all over news stations, social media, and the Internet.  Good morning and welcome back to APEX Boxing Betting.  Not only is there news but perspective dates in the work for sometime before the end of this year.  The boxing legend indicates that he misses

Jones Dirty : UFC 200 Main Event Reboot

Jon Jones dirty were the words on his urine sample as a UFC 200 reboot has had to happen.  Good Day to everyone here at APEX Boxing Betting.  Now we have to adjust to a major shake up at the banner event of Dana White.  Jon Jones is gone but they found an opponent for

The Ultimate Fighter 23 FInale on July 8th Free Pick

The Ultimate Fighter 23 starts the post 4th holiday off on the right foot.  This allows all of us that are going to be traveling for the holiday weekend to come home, unpack, and get some good fight action.  Fireworks will still be going of in the ring for the bout we picked to provide a