Should I Buy UFC Picks?

Today’s topic is whether or not it’s worth it to buy UFC picks. Now that a lot of US states have legalized sports betting, millions of Americans are starting to bet on sports daily. A lot of these new bettors are casuals and don’t have time to handicap. First off, I’d like to quickly introduce

Getting to Know UFC Betting

Betting on sports has been one of the most exciting ways for fans to interact with their favorite teams and make some money. Luckily, it is easy to place bets on these types of events.  For UFC betting, there is a lot that goes on than just simply picking a winner. There are a handful

The Biggest Upcoming UFC Fight to Bet On

Conor McGregor recently announced he’s retiring from the UFC. Will he? Who knows. It could be a ploy to try and force the UFC’s hand in offering shares in the company. He could also end wrestling with the WWE, which he has recently hinted at. Either way, the UFC will continue pushing forward and there

Find a Top Sportsbook for Boxing and the MMA

Boxing and the MMA have virtually taken over the world of online gambling. The offshore bookies are raking in the bucks and there is no sign of slowing. Literally billions of dollars are spent every year betting on this sport. The question is, are you getting in on it? There is simply too much money

Following Floyd for Pound per Pound Best Fighter

Boxing fans should be of good cheer. We have been getting used to defensive orientated title holders that hold on instead of conquering all comers. Now that Floyd has rode off into the sunset, we have a pair of boxers ready to aggressively take the helm. Find out which two candidates APEX Boxing Betting think

Viktor Postol is Here to Stay as He Finally Wins Belt

Coming out parties for the next big thing usually involve newcomers making their arrival.  Last Week saw Viktor Postol reasserting himself into the title mix.  He had took a payday before to step aside.  When finally taking the chance did he grab the ring and claim the prize?  Also  guess which two prominent names are

UFC 192 Card and Our Free Picks

Deep is the well that the waters flow for UFC 192.  It has been months that we have seen so many intriguing matches that have upset potential.  People want to see decisive results but at the same time have it be between perceived opponents of equal strength.  So APEX Boxing Betting has looked down the

Could Deontay Wilder Propel this Generation of Boxing?

Floyd might be gone but his overtly defensive style has few mourners marking its passing.  Instead, fans are yearning for power packed punches that hit their target.  From the horizon has come a monster of a man who touches the heavens at six foot seven inches tall.  He has the World Boxing Council’s heavyweight championship

Frank Bruno’s Condition Comes to the ForeFront

Before we get down to boxing business at hand, we would like to extend our well wishes to Frank Bruno and all his loved ones.  He is now back in the hospital after a relapse occurred in regards to his bipolar disorder.  Bruno was setting goals and accomplishing them in an effort to recover from

Revilement in Floyd’s Retirement

One last fight drove the hammer onto the nail quite effectively.  All the talk from Mayweather on destroying his opponent was just the used car salesman selling that final lemon.  In fact, we here at APEX Boxing Betting laid off the obvious Floyd wins by decision to just a pass on this event.  Do not