MegaBout Literally A Cut Above Most

Every serious sport needs their moment to just laugh out loud.  Hopefully this will be a result of intention and not a lackluster product in play.  Boxing has had an uplift as of late due to of all people Wayne Rooney.  The British soccer star was on the wrong end of a “haymaker” from Phil

NBC at Best a Draw on Saturday Night Prime Time Fighting

Easy to get back, how hard will it be to hold those 3.4 million viewers NBC got with their first edition of prime time boxing on Saturday evening.  What was even more coveted than this was the 18 – 49 year old demographic.  NBC conquered this slice of viewers during this time among the public

Can the Glitz of High Tech Woo Fans to NBC Boxing?

Boxing and network television had often gone hand in hand in the history of sports television broadcasting.  Along the way, the advent of pay per view eroded the casual fan base from the sport.  Now the Sweet Science is getting a high tech glaze on some of their broadcasts.  In an effort to amp up

Boxcino Broadcast on ESPN2 Tonight

Connecticut is host to what is rapidly becoming an annual boxing event.  Boxcino is a tournament where junior middleweights square off in single elimination fashion.  The Mohegan Sun is host to it and is slated to start at 9PM EST and broadcast on ESPN2.  Here are the some of the participants for this evening’s festivities. Brandon

Wolverhampton Boxing and Shamrock Bare Knuckling it?

An Irish invasion on Valentine’s Day is prepared to go forward.  First we have a pivotal bout that will clarify challengers for the WBO lightwelt belt.  Next we have an aging legend taking on an Irish favorite known as the King of the Travellers.  Will the Irish underdog come out on top for us this

Eliminate Some Belts to Create More Wealth

Boxing has been in the process of becoming more of a sport of participation than of excellence.  Imagine a world were every team makes the playoffs.  Hordes of medals are awarded in solo team sports where once only three were given out.  As the line fades between champion and also ran, the masses become confused.

MC Mary Kom Among Those Mentioned by President Obama

MC Mary Kom Gets Nod From Obama US President Obama took time out on his visit to India to acknowledge just some of their world class athletes.  Out of his mouth came praise for MC Mary Kom.  Known as Magnificent Mary, she has dominated women’s boxing at her weight class for many years.  She is

2015 Premier Events Besides Manny and Floyd

While the world is excited, few would be surprised if the mega bout between Manny Pacuiao and Floyd Mayweather had a delay, hitch, or would be canceled all together.  After all, it took many years and about five of them past their individual primes to get this close to actually fighting.  So Apex Boxing Betting

How Big of a Credibility Hit Did UFC Take with Jones Drug Test?

Athletes fail drug tests on occasion.  Every sport has them and people are wise enough to realize that the sport can not monitor them every waking moment.  What people are railing about with the UFC 182 Jon Jones drug test issue is why was he allowed to fight after a positive test weeks before the

UFC Jones Cormier Free Pick

Pre fight hype approaches many levels.  Sometimes it is scripted and comes off as a rivalry with no passion.  The next level has personalities with mic skills that are adapt at whipping up interest.  The zenith can be reached when you have two top flight athletes that have a personal distaste for their opponent.  Fortunately