More UFC Fight Night Preview for Saturday

An antithesis in UFC takes the ring on Saturday evening as Fox Sports 1 brings Fight Night for our viewing and wagering pleasure.  Highlighted is a person who has the dramatic flair for losing.  He is pedestrian in his victories but he has great flame outs when he gets crushed.  We are talking about Erick

Does Exotic Geography Affect UCF Fight Night Odds?

UFC Fight Night’s are affordable ways to learn about the sport while getting your feet wet into wagering on it.  This Saturday, Fox Sports 1 brings there next edition of this splendid series from Barueri, Brazil. With a lower overhead by not having to purchase the pay per view, the margin of error with concerns

Ladies Night for The Ultimate Fighter XX Final

  Promotions occasionally deviate from the sausage fest by providing a fight from the ladies division.  Often these skirmishes are very competitive, have close odds, and are easily capable.  On Friday night, the Ultimate Fighter will close up season XX with their final.  Over the course, we got to see how the talent developed and

UFC Goes Straight Edge with CM Punk

UFC tapped the fertile fields of the WWE to get a champion with Brock Lesnar.  Now they have gone back to harvest Phil Brooks aka CM Punk from the ranks of wrestling to transition to unscripted fights.  Contact fans from all over the world  will now get someone with less of a pedigree but more

UFC 181 Super Main Event Hendricks Lawler 2

How will the Bigg Rigg (16-2) Johny Hendricks  motor down his championship reign after a torn bicep?  An injury has kept him on the shelve for some time but now he is back to take on the man he beat for the belt.  Robbie Lawler (24-10) promises to be more ruthless and not rely on

GGG Are the Initials All Boxers Fear

Preservation of money rather than pride rules the middleweight and surrounding weight classes.  There inhabits boxing a champion whose prowess seems to be unmatched in boxing history near his weight.  He destroys opponents and very rarely makes it to a decision.  His knockout rate has eclipsed all of the legends at his weight class.  All

Bad Blood Bout in London 4PM Saturday Free Pick

Middleweight fighters are popular world wide because they have the power and speed to push the action every round.  This Saturday in London, we have the European Middleweight championship between two undefeated fighters.  These two have been hurling barbs at each for years and finally meet in the ring.  We are talking about Chris Eubanks

Jameis Winston picks up first save for Florida State baseball

He wasn’t playing for the national championship this time, but Jameis Winston came through in another pressure situation for the Florida State Seminoles. Winston, who won the the Heisman Trophy on the gridiron this past season, also plays baseball for the Seminoles. On Saturay, coach Mike Martin brought him in to pitch in the eighth

U.S. women’s hockey team dismantles Sweden, bores viewers, and that’s OK

It devolved from there; the Twitter discussion, generally, was dominated by a pseudo-debate over the merits of a tournament in which the top two teams — the U.S. and Canada — routinely demolish everyone else. That’s a nuanced discussion to have, and it deserves time outside of a routine game recap. Overall, though, it’s possible

2014 Sochi Olympics: Canada needs Drew Doughty OT goal to beat Finland

Doughty broke a scoreless tie midway through the first period and scored the game-winning goal with 2:28 left in overtime, giving the Canadians a 2-1 win over Finland on Sunday. “I don’t know what’s going on,” said Doughty, who has four goals in three Olympic games after scoring just eight times in 59 NHL games