The State of the Boxing World

This is the current state of the boxing world. Key Points – The boxing world is still one of the most popular places to place bets. – Live betting has become one of the more popular markets in the boxing world. The State of the Boxing World Boxing is a fundamental sport that can be

How Do You Bet on Boxing?

We’re here to help you bet on boxing. Key Points – Boxing offers bettors a number of wagers, including several prop bets. – Prop bets for boxing matches often offer better value than simply betting on a match winner. Don’t Shy Away, Bet on Boxing Believe it or not, boxing was once a more popular

The Biggest Upcoming UFC Fight to Bet On

Conor McGregor recently announced he’s retiring from the UFC. Will he? Who knows. It could be a ploy to try and force the UFC’s hand in offering shares in the company. He could also end wrestling with the WWE, which he has recently hinted at. Either way, the UFC will continue pushing forward and there

Win Cash Betting on Boxing

Though a boxing game may fundamentally be about two men standing eyeball to eyeball in the ring, when betting on such a fight is taken into account, a variety of other things come into play if you are targeting to win cash. Jack Houghton explains… Formats & Tournaments In the mid-1990s, top-flight tournaments virtually disappeared

Boxing Betting Advice

The following is a bit of tips to assist you make clever decisions as you wager on the sweet science: Tip #1: Try Avoiding Parlays If You Can: In some instances, the situation may just demand it. For instance, when you wish to bet on a few or multiple notable favorites together, it would be

Boxing Betting For Dummies

Did you ever admire and contemplate participating in betting on boxing but was never really sure what you should do? Well, now it is quite easy to do thanks to advent of the Internet. And by the way, I hope that you do not feel belittled as you read this article that I have branded

The Fundamentals of Betting on Boxing

Boxing and betting are two things that have come from far together; they have been hand-in-hand for decades, perhaps a bit too near to each other in some cases. Betting on boxing was much more commonplace than wagering on the NFL during the early 1970s, but a number of people were turned away from betting