What You Need To Know Before Placing Your First UFC Bet

Placing your first UFC bet requires some work. Key Points – UFC betting requires some knowledge and research to be successful. – Be sure to understand the odds and how UFC bets work. How to Bet UFC With UFC becoming more and more popular, it’s no surprise that people are looking to get in on

How Can I Bet on UFC

Want to know how can I bet on UFC? Key Points – UFC betting offers bettors numerous opportunities to win. – Like most other sports, UFC bettors can wager on the moneyline, point spread, and totals. How Can I Bet on UFC UFC, as a sport, has become extremely popular over the last decade or

How Do You Bet on Boxing?

We’re here to help you bet on boxing. Key Points – Boxing offers bettors a number of wagers, including several prop bets. – Prop bets for boxing matches often offer better value than simply betting on a match winner. Don’t Shy Away, Bet on Boxing Believe it or not, boxing was once a more popular

Things to Consider When Betting the UFC

The UFC is an interesting sport to bet on, but betting the UFC can be very profitable if you know what you’re doing. There are obviously favorites in the UFC, but a fight can end with a single blow. This differs from non-combat sports, where the contest must finish the entire allotted time amount. MMA

Want to See the Charlo Twins? Pay the Price

This Saturday night, the Charlo Twins, brothers that are both world champions, will headline different portions of a Showtime pay-per-view show. BetAnySports customers can see it starting at 7 PM ET, emanating from the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. There are two three-fight cards, the way they’re pushing it, with a 30-minute intermission in between.

Betting Boxing at America’s Bookie

As much as the millennials love that whole MMA flipping and kicking stuff, there isn’t anything quite like betting boxing. The sport of champions, and, like horse racing, the sport beloved by royalty. When it comes to the biggest fights in the history of modern man, they were boxing bouts, not MMA bouts. But hey,

And Floyd has the Reach Advantage

Forget all the dismay over Floyd opting for Andre Berto as his “last” opponent.  Disappointing pay per view projections aside, there is one stat that the handicapper should jump on.  What is that coming into this bout?  Which prop or wager will best hinge on this fact?  Read on with APEX Boxing Betting to find

La Finca and How it Can Save Inner City Boxing

2015 could end with a bankroll explosion for boxing bettors.  Now it might not be on the Mayweather bout but there are plenty of high quality upset opportunities available.  We will look at one of those.  Also, are the plans finalized for Floyd’s last fight.  Finally, find out what is coming from Cuba that can

Boxing Betting Advice :How the Development of Boxers and Bettors Should be Similiar?

Manny made it look almost effortless in a decision win on Saturday.  He fought an opponent of rather limited means in regards to power.  So how did Chris Algieri get to be 20-0 and fight the champ despite only having eight knockouts?  The main reason is that he worked hard to overcome his limitations.  Also