Conor’s Can Do Attitude for UFC 194

A rush of betting now has Conor McGregor your main event favorite near -140 against Jose Aldo.  For a man that has not lost in a decade to be on the opposite end of the betting tidal wave is astonishing.  Has the challenger convinced the world through his words that he can pull a Tyson Fury and upset a well established champ?  Read on at APEX Boxing Betting to see what the words are that might make a compelling case to wager on Colin for UFC 194!

Kind to Grant Rematch Clauses

Knowledge of one’s anticipated career path is something that Conor McGregor does not have in short supply.  Not only is he looking past UFC 194 but all the way to getting the Lightweight belt as well.  In a recent press conference, he iterates that an Aldo rematch is not an automatic thing.  He would have to earn it by lasting five rounds.  If Aldo does not get up off his stool for the second round then he would probably opt for bigger fish.  Namely the Lightweight division.

Problems in Weight Jump

He has the frame where he could add more muscle and not lose speed.  However the tangible advantages he has at the featherweight are his height and reach.  Lightweights would almost all be his equal in this regard.  It is very risky for this jump because he would have to learn a new method to get his power punches to land.  Moreover, he would be vulnerable to counterpunching flurries.  While he makes for good entertainment, a jump would not be prudent when more money is to be made in title defenses.

Maybe he does not crave the money as much as the challenge.  He has convinced bettors the world wide to shun a man who has not lost in MMA in a decade.  This is the one on th 14th that any fight fan should purchase. Buy the PPV and then deposit in a sport’s investment account at Americas Bookie.  Recoup the cost of the PPV and more with a wager on whom you think wins the main event of UFC 194 on Saturday the 14th.