Cyborg and Rousey is One Step Closer

An odd circumstance could bring the Justino vs Rousey bout one step closer to happening.  Christaine has proen herself as the most intimidating presence in contact sports for the ladies.  She headlined the main event for Invicta and destroyed Faith Van Duin.  Read on to learn of the connection and conditions that could make this event a reality between her and Ronda.

Not A Cross Promotion

The hurdles for this are not as great as it seems.  UFC is own by their parent company which is Zuffa.  They in turn have the Cyborg under their wing.  A main reason that she does not fight in UFC is that they did not create a weight division that centers around her 145 pound frame.  It is an odd decision to box in such a draw as she is.  We know that she can shed the ten pounds to get to the UFC 135 weight.  Marketing considerations will dictate when and not if this will happen.

Rooting for Ronda

Justino has been very vocal in her support that Rousey knock out Bether Correia for UFC 190.  It would be a tremendous pay jump for them and the ladies division.  She would like 140 but will go all the way down if necessary.  The spectacle could reach a fever pitch should the Cyborg decide to fight in the UFC before hand and take on Miesha Tate at 140 lbs.  Scuttlebutt is that Tate is open to this idea of getting her own shot at the Cyborg.

APEX Boxing Betting is of the opinion that this will happen.  UFC has suffered too many setbacks to ignore paydays even if it means the ladies division.  One of the few compelling fights out there til the next generation comes up.  Until next time, thank you for visiting APEX Boxing and have a great day.