Does Exotic Geography Affect UCF Fight Night Odds?

UFC Fight Night’s are affordable ways to learn about the sport while getting your feet wet into wagering on it.  This Saturday, Fox Sports 1 brings there next edition of this splendid series from Barueri, Brazil. With a lower overhead by not having to purchase the pay per view, the margin of error with concerns to your overall bankroll grows.  One can take a flier and test their capping skills with one of the prelims.  If that is not your taste then you can gravitate towards the more established athletes on the main card.  The main event is an excellent chance to both wager for value and expand your skill set.  ApexBoxing will examine Lyoto Machida (21-5) facing off with CB Dollaway (16-6) in a five round middleweight bout.

Lyoto Can Afford to Leak Weak Nor Even Lose

When a  fighter losse their last fight, the momentum of a career could stall with a consecutive loss on this night.  Yes an argument can be made that both had top shelf competition but the public’s memory is short.  Two former champions are using Brazil to catapult their chances.  Machida in particular dropped it against Weldman and one does not get many chances to get back into the thick of the title chase.  We love Lyoto as he shies away from no one.  He takes on top shelf talent all the time.  Dollaway has had his career more or less managed with much easier fights.

ufc ring

Skill Set Woefully Short for Dollaway

Dollaway is in big trouble for this one.  We doubt that he can plant or take Lyoto to the matt.  Lyoto’s black belt ability is no joke so the waters are not friendly when the action is horizontal.  Finally, the countering ability with his distinctive style will frustrate Dollaway.  He lacks the in ring ability to conjure a plan to penetrate the defense here.  Even if he could get a plan together, his power would not be enough.  He would need jailbreak speed to go along with that and he does not.

This UFC Fight Night main event is a reward for Lyoto’s taking on all comers.  He is given a break with a fighter who has been coddled and is woefully outclassed.  The ML does not hold enough value with the chalk.  The under in rounds is the way to go.  Look for a submission win and an early one at that.  So sit down with Fox Sports 1 and enjoy the free UFC on Saturday.