Does Manny March onto Floyd as Pacquiao meets 20-0 Chris Algieri Saturday Night.

More championship boxing matches are migrating to Macau these days.  The latest defense by Manny Pacquiao takes place over there against an undefeated challenger (20-0, 8 Ko’s).  It is a testament to Manny’s camp that they earned their money getting a boxer with this record that has little threat to derail Pacquiao.  My name is Bobbie Granville and it will be my pleasure to reveal why Chris has little shot and what wager will pay off at good odds in this one.  So get those wagers win now, sit back, and pop a cold one as this Saturday 11/22/14 we have a quality boxing match to profit on at 9PMEST.

Optimistic to a Fault

When it comes to countering Manny, we need that special athlete to take him out even with all the distractions in his political life.  In the effort to safely guide Pacquiao to the $1B promise land of a bout between him and Floyd, his camp must both get him quality fighters but ones that are exploitable.  Chris Algieri has a few exploitable weaknesses that he can not correct.  Just ask Ruslan Provodnikov who floored Chris twice in the first round.  Stunned that he continued on, Algieri took the action to the perplexed Ruslan after that.  It was so one sided after that the judges gave Chris a split decision win even though he tasted the matt early on.  This is where Manny must be cautious as his camp did him no favors in giving him an opponent with great heart and the ability to continue on despite adversity.

Manny Algieri

Prevention of the Power Game

For such a heavy favorite, Manny (56-5-2) is in a bit of a pickle.  Boxing politics being what they are, he will not lose any decision to Chris Algieri.  It is not going to happen when two camps are close to securing a mega bout for this age.  The skills that will let him go the distance in particular the speed has been eroding from Manny.  He might be a more complete fighter because he needs more power but he is plodding compared to what he used to be.  To fight at his best, he has to be somewhat exposed to counters and this is Algieri’s only real chance.  More than a few fluke losses have been born this day when dealing with an aging superstar.

Chris does not possess the power to get the job done as he only has eight knockouts in his twenty managed bouts.  He has heart as well as a reach advantage.  If Manny was not in line for future big pay days, then maybe Chris has a shot at winning a decision but at this place and time there is no chance.  The Pacquiao camp will survive for another day as this goes the distance and is a decision win for Manny.  Go with the over in the rounds as it plays to the end.  Enjoy this bout and Bobbie Granville will seek you next week with more boxing insight.