Fall Out From Recent UFC Events


Rankings attract moths to the flame in the UFC game.  Most people have to know not only whom is the top contender but the exact pecking order in each division.  When a fight occurs between two residents of the top ten, reverberations are felt in such a marque event.  This last month, UFC had a couple of significant shifts in their house.  Read on to examine the fallout felt on some of the weight classes in UFC.

Lyoto Rises

In under one round, Lyoto quieted the critics and has started to scale the heights once more.  His top ten opponent in Dollaway held onto his top ten ranking while Machida rose one spot to number three.  He ended up leap frogging Belfort.  The power shift above that in the middleweight division held firm with Weidman as the champ as Silva and Souza are one and two for the first contender in this division.


Tie Broken in the Lightweight Division

Like kissing your sister, ties in the rankings are the ultimate infuriation for action junkies.  No two people can be exactly equal and the OCD traits of cappers come out.  Well UFC has settled this matter and when the dust cleared, there is now a consensus number one contender in the lightweight division.  Rafael dos Anjos is a nod above Nurmagomedov for the challengers spot.

What makes UFC interesting is their attempt to quantify the talent across the board with their pound by pound rating.  The best of the best despite size, strength, or stature.  Anthony Pettis leap frogs to #5 with a quick submission victory over Gilbert Melendez.  Jon Jones leads the way and is the premier fighter in the organization to boot.  Well, we wish to take this moment to wish APEXboxingbetting fans a happy holiday.  Stay safe and we will check in before New Years with more action from the major contact sports.