Finding Value When Betting Stacked UFC Events

Dana White in the UFC is known for frequently putting together great cards. Now, we will look at finding value when betting stacked UFC events.

The UFC has become the prominent fighting promotion in the world. Thanks to White’s efforts, the UFC has become mainstream. That means that sportsbooks have taken advantage of bettors’ desires to wager the UFC.

A stacked card features multiple fights that are worthy of being the main event. If you are new to UFC, you may not understand how to find value on a stacked card. Sportsbooks offer many wager types for UFC, which can help you win a lot of money on the matches.

Here are some tips for finding value in stacked UFC events.

Research the Fights and Fighters for Betting Stacked UFC Events

Before I can begin explaining value bets in the UFC, you need to understand one key thing. It’s tough to find value if you do not know about the fighters or the matchups on the card. Without research, every fight is a pick ’em, which is not a good way to win.

If you want to win big on the UFC, research is critical. You need to look at the matchup, previous fights, and fighter tendencies to make an educated prediction. Without taking this crucial step, you will be forfeiting money to the house for stacked UFC events.

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Winning Method – Betting Stacked UFC Events

It’s not a bad idea for sports bettors to bet the moneyline in the UFC. You need to understand what’s going on in a fight to be successful with this wager type. My favorite value bet in the UFC is to choose the winning method.

Picking the correct winning method requires a lot of hard pre-fight research, but it will pay off. UFC fighters’ tendencies usually display on stacked cards. Some of the winning techniques that you can choose from in a fight are as follows.

  • Decision
  • KO, TKO, or DQ
  • Submission

The favorite in a fight usually does not give much moneyline value in many cases. However, if you want to bet a favorite, you can find value by choosing the winning method. Every winning method for a favorite will usually have positive odds.

Betting on positive odds is fairly vital to winning big on UFC. You need to find positive odds that are realistic for the fight. A favorite could be -300 in a fight. If you bet heavy on an odd like this, it’s precarious.

UFC fights can end with one punch, so it’s risky to put a ton of money on a heavy favorite. UFC is not like traditional sports like football or baseball, where talent will usually triumph. Anything can happen inside the octagon.

To Win by Finish?

Some fighters do not match up well when it comes to victory on a stacked card. This can be a huge factor when betting stacked UFC events. We recently wrote an article on UFC finishing rates; it is worth your while to take a look at it.

However, some fights are created to see two people go the distance. This bet is sometimes safer than the other winning method choices. The best part about this prop is that you can find more value in it than the straight moneyline.

To make any UFC bet, you need to know the fighters’ backgrounds to be a successful bettor. If you put in the work, you will win big on a stacked UFC card.