Floyd Taking it Easy and Former Champ Robbed via Twitter?


Let the Showmanship Begin

Floyd is displaying to the world how little regard he has for Manny.  Instead of being in the gym, he is down under living the life.  Tweeting pictures of feet nibbling his feet, his life has not been care free during an attempted visit to Australia.  He was recently barred because of his notable violence against women.  Many promotional events went to the wayside because of this.  Now rumors of him looking for fallback opponents for May 2nd are floating about.  Another foe would translate in $30M less for him.  He wants the fight to go on because of this but seems to think that the bout can promote itself to the happy payday he desires.

ESPN Roundabout Pitch to GGG

Exposure is the only feather in the cap that is missing from Golovkin.  Once he is introduced to the masses in America, his prowess will make it that much harder for quality opposition to keep on ducking him.  ESPN came to this conclusion also and has been pitching articles and other media pieces to this effect.  With the recent slew of failed drug tests in UFC, fans might be willing to go back to boxing as their main entertainment option.  The Super Fight will take care of itself but inroads can be mde with the GGG fight against Martin Murray.  Set in Monte Carlo, ESPN in the UK will air the fight on what is being called terrestrial television.  This could lead to a win- win situation for both the media giant and GGG.


In a passing note, we would like to sympathize with the plight of Ricky Hatton.  An ex champion, he has legions of followers on Twitter.  He gave an update of his life including that he would be at the Manchester City match against Chelsea.  After a long weekend, he comes home to find his house robbed.  Rolex watches, cash, and credit cards were among the loot missing.  It is a shame when former champions do the right thing keeping in contact with their fans only to have it used against him.  A reward is posted by Hatton and we hope that he can recoup what was lost.