Floyd’s Latest Impulse and Men vs Bear

Oddities have been bombarding the boxing headlines this week. People are attracted to spectacle and there is no lack of it this week. Last week we had the aftermath of Porter’s destruction of Broner. Today we go to the video vault to highlight another contact sport with a long tradition. Also, Floyd is aching to make mincemeat of his latest payday with a high ticket item of extreme cost. All of this is yours to enjoy in this edition of APEX Boxing Betting.

Floyd’s $4.8M New Sled

Floyd’s large payday with Pacquiao and his looming last paycheck in September has spurred the yearning for an impulse purchase. With you or I, perhaps a steak dinner of our favorite jersey would be in our sites. With Mr. Mayweather, his heart goes towards automobiles. A $4.8M dollar ride in the form of a Koenissegg CCXR Trevita. Part of the price tag is associated with the fact that only three are in existence. Fear not that he will have to pay the entire bill as he is selling his $3.8 million Ferrari to make room for this.

Men Verses Bears

People pitting themselves against animals has a long tradition. Down south, festivals are still dedicated to locals wrestling gators. For even odder tests, there are some that like to tackle octopuses. Australia has kangaroos front and center in this sideshow. However, the undisputed challenge that more want to take on are bears. Interspecies contests with this animal are “popular” all over the world.

Thank you for joining us in this issue dedicated to whimsy. We wish Floyd long life as he takes the wheel behind his newest sled. Also, we can not in good conscious recommend that any of our readers taking on wildlife in tests of physical prowess. Tune in next time to Apex Boxing as we will have a free pick to profit by. Good fortune to our upcoming wagering week.