GGG Are the Initials All Boxers Fear

Preservation of money rather than pride rules the middleweight and surrounding weight classes.  There inhabits boxing a champion whose prowess seems to be unmatched in boxing history near his weight.  He destroys opponents and very rarely makes it to a decision.  His knockout rate has eclipsed all of the legends at his weight class.  All the notable names dodge him and even avert questions on facing him.  This feared man is Gennady Golovkin and he is the best fighter the masses have never seen.

Had He Been American

GGG would have had his chance had he hailed from the land of Stars and Stripes.  Him being a foreign entity, the failure to get the gold in Athens in 2004 is the only blemish that holds him back.  The man is polite, articulate in English, Russian, and other languages, and personable.  His pro career has been too effective and that is what is holding him back.  For lack of monster money, who would face a man that has a record of 31-0 with 28 KO’s?


The Under is Ridiculous 

Most totals in the sportbooks for rounds wait until the later portions of the fight for the bar to be set.  How do linesmakers set GGG’s number.  His last ten fights have gone 1,3,5,7,3,3,8,7,3, and 2 rounds.  All have been KO’s or TKO’s.  We have rarely seen the number go under so often as with him.  Matt Macklin said that Golovkin is the hardest punch he has ever taken.  To know the lack of hope that most have against him, he has never been knocked down.  Not out but on the matt ever in his pro career.  He remains motivated and with Miguel Cotto ducking him now, he must defend his title against the few that dare step into the ring with him.

He has a few years left on him where he will be at his peek.  His next bout is in 2015 against Martin Murray.  Do yourself a favor and dig up all the Youtube videos on him.  If you do not love the sweet science after witnessing him then your heart does not pump blood.  Here is to you Golo and we wish you the bouts you richly deserve to happen in 2015.