Golovkin Brook Free Pick Fight of the Month

Two undefeated fighters clash in London as Golovkin Brook is all that the fight world is talking about.  Good afternoon and great to see one and all back here at APEX Boxing Betting.  Today, we have Kell Brook who is taking up the gauntlet that few boxers dare to do. Canelo backed out of a fight with GGG so Brook is jumping up two weight classes for this showdown.  Find out whom we like for this best fight in September that starts at 5 PM EST on HBO.

Golovkin Brook : Two Unbeaten Boxers

Despite stellar records, Gennady Golovkin is the massive odds on favorite to win this fight.  The british fighter, Brook, has an underdog value of near +425 entering the bout.  What he is facing is the challenge of retaining his speed when jumping up two weight classes.  Enough power to make those jabs be felt otherwise he can just be hitting him with a feather.  This is the best path to deter the ultra aggressive GGG from just dominating his smaller opponent.

GGG’s Evolution

Here is a boxer whose camp has tried very hard to make marketable.  Just being unbeatable is not enough to gain the deserved earning power from it.  He had a typical russian style with a jab first mentality.  Effective but mechanical were not getting fans to flock to him.  This is when his trainers started to infuse elements of famous Mexican fighters to his arsenal.  He now has flair and plenty of power.

What Brook is underestimating here is just how heavy his opponents fists are.  They have been akin to being hit by a mule as more than one fighter can testify.  Watch GGG’s past fights.  Look at the faces on the foes as they change the first time more than glancing contact is created.  You can not exchange punches with him and his counter punching ability is beyond belief.  It takes another heavy handed hitter getting lucky to derail him.  Kell Brook does not have this in his game and will lose in his home town of London this Saturday.  Get those bets in right now at Americas Bookie and remember that the bout is at 5PM on Saturday the 10th.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Boxing.