Hail Holly Holm at +1000 or More UFC 193

Headliners on the UFC side have been shifting more to the fairer gender.  The ladies have been playing a more prominent role in the headliners in part because of the men’s problems to make it to the fight.  Now we are witness to Rhonda Rousey finally getting a credible opponent.  Of course, the linesmakers still have bloat in their lines with Holm getting +1100.  Here is where your value is for Saturday the 14th on APEX Boxing Betting.

Chin First

Just because she is the best of a growing division does not equate to her being a complete fighter.  Rousey has good submission skills and thus relies on this heavily.  When one is so dominant with the opportunities outside the sport she does then the onus to improve is not there. The area where she is vulnerable is in striking.  Not only when she is vertical but when she rushes in like a bull to take down her opponent.  Here is where the home run potential is for our Saturday evening.

Holm 9-0 in MMA And…

Her career in professional boxing is not shabby either.  The experience for her in the ring is invaluable for us.  She has the ability to side step the charges.  The combinational ability to expose her chin.  Most of all, the power to put here away.  This is where the fun of UFC comes in.  How many times can one reasonably expect an over confident champion to  be caught by lightning in a bottle.

APEX Boxing Betting has equated that Holly Holm has more than a one in ten expectation of winning here.  Value here is to bet Holm on the long shot.  THose that have ample bankrolls should plunk down half a unit on this.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at the APEX.