Handicapping Lessons From Dedicated Boxers

It is easier for a boxer to get a respectable record than to get his due in the ring.  With career management and so many title defenses, tomato cans that start off 3-0 suddenly find themselves funneled to the top and cultivated for that eye popping 15-0 or 17-1 record.  This provides another payday for the sport.  Instead, those that grind it out on all levels regardless of talent are the ones that we should emulate.  Here are two lessons that hard working boxers can show us that apply to our handicapping of sports including boxing.

The Long Way Home

Shortcuts are the quickest way to derail a training regimen and saddle the fighter with a loss.  Aches, pains, and waking up each and every day to put in the necessary time keeps you at least even with the competition.  Talent is so over rated without the necessary conditioning and routine boxing teaches you.  Sports handicappers can benefit from exercise, researching their teams, and going away from impulse purchases on the market.  Many have been buried chasing a number while fewer have gained pennies from it actually working.

Ding Ding

Come roaring out of the corner the moment the bell rings.  This means that no matter how daunting the competition or wager is that we face our fears.  Turtling is taking an overly defensive stance to avoid loss at first sign of danger.  While prudence has its own rewards, those that take the punch head on prevail in the long run.  This means not dismissing potential wagers based on a cursory glance.  What make not look good to you could remain garbage but only after the heap has been combed over.  Who knows what treasures of off lines could be present if we put a few minutes of work into some of the projects we dismiss in a moment.

Cross the i’s and do the T’s are necessary to build up the stamina for winning on not only a daily basis but to remain in the game for much longer.  Answering the bell even on some sure to seem pass opportunities allows you to grow your talent and unearth valuable plays.  This means that after fifteen or so minutes of putting in hard work, if it still is unappealing then you should defer.  Follow these two rules and you will stand  be in a better spot to win be decision in your sports wagering.