How Big of a Credibility Hit Did UFC Take with Jones Drug Test?

Athletes fail drug tests on occasion.  Every sport has them and people are wise enough to realize that the sport can not monitor them every waking moment.  What people are railing about with the UFC 182 Jon Jones drug test issue is why was he allowed to fight after a positive test weeks before the fight?  That cocaine is not performance enhancing at that stage of pre fight might be true but then why would you even test for it at that juncture?  We at APEX Boxing Betting will look at the fallout of this hidden information.

People in the Know Said that Jones Did Not Know

Nevada State Athletic Commission says that it did not inform Jones of a positive drug test result and that he did not learn of it until after the fight.  If true, this is another dagger in the back of Cormier.  UFC prided itself on being more transparent and above board than boxing.  UFC has not come out as to why Jones was not informed if proven true.  Why even drug test if positive results can be randomly applied and not disclosed to both or even one of the camps.

Wrapped in a Cloak of Super Science

Pandora has been let out of her box and now Jones comes out for scrutiny for his abnormal level of testosterone.  Something called a carbon isotope ratio test was used to put to rest the rumors that it was because of a PED.  We are getting into levels of super science akin to does global warming hurt the environment.  When hard fact morphs into opinion or hard to discern science, the reputation of the sport is what the masses rely on.  Unfortunately, UFC does not have a comfy place to rest their head in that regard these days.

Are their actions justified?  If one goes by the ends, FOX Sports 1 reported that UFC 182 prelims were the second highest rated show in their history.  With mega bucks at stake, UFC did the prudent thing in terms of their wallet.  How long will the dog and pony show last before the public forgets?  We will still wager on it but have one eye open when we do so.