How Do You Bet on Boxing?

We’re here to help you bet on boxing.

Key Points

– Boxing offers bettors a number of wagers, including several prop bets.

– Prop bets for boxing matches often offer better value than simply betting on a match winner.

Don’t Shy Away, Bet on Boxing

Believe it or not, boxing was once a more popular sport to wager on than NFL football. Boxing and betting are almost synonymous. 

Like most sports, boxing does offer more bets than just picking the winner of a bout. There are more boxing betting markets than most casual bettors think. Like other one-on-one sports like tennis and MMA, bettors can find wagers that suit their betting style.

Here’s a look at how you bet on boxing.

Betting Boxing Moneylines

Boxing, for the most part, is a moneyline sport. Bettors wager on one fighter to win. It is common, however, for boxing matches to feature huge favorites. 

In boxing, matchups of the best on best do not happen that often. Therefore, one fighter is usually a heavy favorite over the other. Here’s an example.

Davis -800

Romero +500

If a bettor likes the favorite (Davis) in this fight, he must wager $800 in order to win $100. It is typical to find boxing favorites at -1000 odds.

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Boxing Totals

Betting on totals is also possible in boxing. Bettors can wager on the Over/Under for the total number of rounds in a given fight.

Over 9.5 Rounds +110

Under 9.5 Rounds -130

In boxing, each round lasts three minutes. Betting on this 12-round fight, a bettor would need the fight to go past the 1:30 mark of the ninth round in order to cash on the Over. A $100 bet would pay $110 in that case.

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Bet on Boxing – Props

Just like other sports, boxing has its fair share of prop bets. One of the most popular boxing prop bets is Method of Victory. When you’re looking to bet on boxing, this is something to consider.

There are a lot of one-sided wins in boxing. A method of victory bet usually offers better value than simply wagering on a favorite at say -800.

When you wager on a method of victory, you are simply betting on how the fight will end. Boxing matches can end by knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO), disqualification (DQ), or by the decision of the judges.

Winner By Decision

Fights that go the distance will declare a winner by decision. The decision is based upon a point system and it is possible for a fight to end in a draw.

Method of victory bets would appear like this one:

  • Boxer/Fighter A by KO/TKO/DQ -150
  • Fighter A by Decision +120
  • Boxer/Fighter B by KO/TKO/DQ +1000
  • Fighter B by Decision +800
  • Draw +2500

If you have a good idea of who is going to win, a bet on the method of victory usually offers a little more value than a straight bet on a favorite.

A bettor can wager $150 on Fighter A to win by knockout. If Fighter A wins by knockout, the bet pays out $100, but the win must come by knockout, technical knockout, or the disqualification of Fighter B.

There are other boxing props that are popular bets too. Time of victory is another. Bettors can wager on which round the fight will end or if there will be a knockdown in the fight. There is also the simple Yes/No prop “Will the Fight Go the Distance?” 

As stated, there are numerous ways to bet on boxing. Find the best bets that suit your style and that offer some betting value.

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