How to Bet UFC Parlays

This is how you bet UFC parlays.

Key Points

– Knowing fighters and understanding matchups is the key when you bet UFC parlays.

– UFC betting can be very lucrative and even greater when you bet UFC parlays.

How to Bet UFC Parlays

You’ve started your UFC betting career and have won some money on straight bets. You’ve seen the parlay betting odds and decided it might be time to take advantage of those great odds. How difficult can it really be?

Well, parlay betting can be a little challenging unless you have a crystal ball. However, once you’ve figured it out, you can earn a ton of money.

Parlay MMA

A parlay bet, also known as an accumulator or a combo bet in the UK, combines the payout odds of multiple separate bets into a single wager.

The advantage is higher payouts than betting on each event separately, but the risk of losing your entire stake if one of your bets loses is much higher. The parlay changes to a lower number of bets with lower odds if any of the bets in it result in a “push” or tie.

The most popular MMA parlay requires bettors to correctly predict the outcome of multiple fights. You lose the entire wager if you make one bad choice. This doesn’t mean all MMA parlays are bad, but it does mean bettors have to conduct extensive research before placing the bet.


Bet UFC Parlays – Odds

Even though parlay odds pay more than accepting individual bets, they still fall short of true odds. When the true odds should be 3x, a 2x MMA parlay pays out 2.6x. This underpaid wager is regarded as the sportsbook’s commission.

Parlays are significantly more profitable than single bets, but the issue is the increased risk. You must become an expert in both betting strategies and fight knowledge in order to bet UFC parlays.

MMA Betting Strategy

Bettors need to get to know their fighters well and look beyond the main fights to discover their true strengths and weaknesses. Keeping up with fighter statistics can really help when you bet UFC parlays.

The official UFC statistical feed used by major sports websites is It is one of the most well-known MMA sites providing statistical tools.

Professional gamblers divide their total bankroll among several sportsbooks and use a portion of their entire betting strategy at each one after adhering to the four fundamental betting advice. A double wager on one website and a hedge wager on another could be included in a parlay strategy. Hedge betting involves placing a wager on a different sporting event, the same fight, or a different type of fight to make up for a loss.

Among other handicapping tips and strategies is to look for UFC handicappers and buy picks. You can search on social media for successful MMA bettors who offer their services for free or a nominal fee. You can find a ton of information on Twitter, Facebook, and other online communities. Prior to following, make sure to monitor their progress on a spreadsheet. They frequently use tactics and are well-versed in their particular sport.

Bet UFC Parlays Odds

The following are the parlay odds and subsequent payouts based on a $100 wager. The $100 stake is not included in the payout.

  • 13/5 odds for a two-team parlay; pays $260.
  • 6/1 odds for a three-team parlay; pays $600.
  • 10/1 odds for a four-team parlay; pays $1000.
  • 20/1 odds for a five-team parlay; pays $2,000.
  • 40/1 odds for a six-team parlay; pays $4,000.
  • 75/1 odds for a seven-team parlay; pays $7,500.
  • 150/1 odds for an 8-team parlay; pays $15,000
  • 300/1 odds for a 9-team parlay; pays $30,000.
  • 700/1 odds for a 10-team parlay pays $70,000.
  • 1100/1 odds for an 11-team parlay pays $110,000.

Example of a UFC Parlay

Let’s use UFC 111 as an example of how to bet UFC parlays.The following were the odds for the event.

  • Georges St. Pierre -715
  • Dan Hardy +515
  • Ricardo Almedia -160
  • Shane Carwin +108
  • Frank Mir -138
  • Matt Brown +130

Your bankroll for this event is $1,000. If you split that up and bet $500 on Hardy, $300 on Carwin, and $200 on Brown, you’d make about $3,159 if all three winners came through. 

However, if you placed a parlay wager (+515 Hardy/ +108 Carwin/ +130 Brown) and these three picks won, you would profit about three times as much ($9,479). That’s the benefit when you bet UFC parlays.

Cons of Exotic Bets

The disadvantage of the UFC parlay is that you lose your entire wager if any one fighter loses. Anyone placing a wager on Hardy over Hall of Famer St. Pierre probably deserves to lose, but you see how lucrative these bets can be.

If parlay is the route you want to take, you must be certain that you are aware of the fighters and their strengths and weaknesses. Find out who has an advantage in a particular match by researching the various fighters, and then try finding value on UFC matches. Start with straight bets first before you graduate to UFC parlays.

The best risk-reward strategy for parlays is to place wagers on no more than two or three fights. It becomes significantly less likely that you will correctly predict four or more fights, so exercise caution and place reasonable wagers. 

If you have a solid plan, a good option can be to bet UFC parlays. Great rewards can come with great risks.