Is Boxing Too Limiting for Delfine Persoon?

Swept under the rug, women’s boxing does not get the attention that it merits here in the States.  Try to actually see a televised fight on the airwaves and you will probably have to settle for some arcane torrent stream from another country.  That being said, this sport has a champion who is light years above the rest.  She is a champion in multiple weight classes with a 29-1 record.  Factoring all of this in, is Delfine Persoon limiting herself by remaining in boxing?

Soon Will Be on the Wrong Side of Thirty

Besides having a hard time finding broadcasts, try to find out the career earnings for this fighter.  We found for her fight against Erika Farias that the bid that won the fight with the purse included was $61,101.  This was a championship fight that everyone was waiting for.  Unless she stays on this level, she has to be doing it for the love of her sport and maybe some sponsorship Euros in her home country.  All of this while she is at her peak in the industry and age (29).  She will soon be facing declining earnings with a soon to be eroding skill set.  Should she make the jump if offered?

persoon 2

UFC All About the Look

For all the droll that is associated with UFC’s Ronda Rousey, she does not rake in the big bucks for her gender.  $120k total and half of that was in fees for showing up.  Now this does not include the additional money that she gets for trading in on her looks.  After her, the rest of the ladies top out at a tad over $50k.  This is for the next three in the money list which includes Carla Esparaza.  So, the money pool is not deep for the ladies here either.  However, could there be a cross promotion?

Alas, the universes would never meet.  Boxing or MMA for the women would sustain too much damage for their losing champion to meet.  Other than sex appeal, the money is just not there in either sport.  It is a shame because Delfine appears to have the look and record to be a world beater.  She was the best ladies boxer in 2014 and she has a few good years in her. Do yourself a favor and dig up the next broadcast of her fight.  You will be very pleased at how far boxing has come in technical skill for the women of the world.