ISIS Recruiting Claims Former Boxing Champ?

23-2 is not a record which indicates that a professional boxing career is over.  This is what a former champ had by the name of Anthony Small.  He has overcome long odds before but now he is in a different fight for stakes much higher.  He is accused of actively going off to seek enlistment into the terror group ISIS.

You Want to Enter Syria?

Not a top travel destination by FODOR’s, few want to go to the hotbed of Syria these days.  This exactly where Smith and two associates were attempting to do.  They were allegedly caught in the process of procuring or actually forging the entry documents necessary to do the trick.  His history to the region even included sell his boxing memorabilia to get there.


A conversion to Islam precipitated this in 2004.  A legal name change to Abdul Haqq followed.  Success in the ring followed as he captured the light middleweight titles of Britain and the Commonwealth in 2009.  After this he turned very political he was marching in Muslims against Crusades groups.  He tongue lashed Amir Khan for not following Islam enough.

Engaging in conduct in preparation of a terrorist act is a very serious charge.  He faces grave consequences if convicted.  Apex Boxing Betting will follow this as the pursuit of justice continues in this case.