Ladies Night for The Ultimate Fighter XX Final


Promotions occasionally deviate from the sausage fest by providing a fight from the ladies division.  Often these skirmishes are very competitive, have close odds, and are easily capable.  On Friday night, the Ultimate Fighter will close up season XX with their final.  Over the course, we got to see how the talent developed and foster attachments to certain personas.  The women’s division have talent and desire on par with the men’s.  At the same time, there is something oddly satisfying about women beating each other up for our potential profit.  Tune in this evening on FoxSports1.


Lil Bulldog’s Bark

Our cover girl for this article, Felice Herring, has everything to be a PR boon for The Ultimate Fighter.  She can take what she dishes verbally.  Her blonde looks as well as tight and toned body would drive legions of male fans to rail her.  Unfortunately, a 9-5 record has caused her star to fall slightly even after winning four of her last five.  Take her fight tonight against Lisa Ellis(15-8).  Felice has enough of a skill set as a grappler to keep it close tonight but experience counts so much.  Promoters gave Felice enough tomato cans to boost her record so she can make tv spots like this with a winning record.  Ellis has fought much tougher competition and has a far better record.  As much as the promoters want to see Felice win this, Lisa will be the pace setter and uses her superior talents in the clutch to emerge with the win.  Take the +290 on Ellis tonight.


Larger Favorite Than -170

Two lady fighters early in their careers square off for a pivotal bout between them.  Angela Hil (1-0) has the same Muay Thai skill sets that caused Emily Kagan (3-1) to lose badly against Joanne Calderwood.  Angela also is an above average striker for someone who is only 26.  Kagan will have to play the role of an aggressive bull to charge and close the ring against Hill.  In close skills go entirely to Emily in this one.  That being said. younger fighters have an easier time maintaining distance if they realize it is the path to victory.  Via spacing, the striking ability wins out in this one for Hill.

The drama and controversial seedings will be put to bed as TUF XX winds down tonight on Fox Sports 1.  A very good night of entertainment and hopefully two winners in your pocket.  We at live for evenings like this where on money can be put in play and can enjoy the show at the same time.  So enjoy the ladies who pulverize each other for our pleasure and we will see you next time here at Apex Boxing.