Macau, Golden Zou, and One Punch Killing

A holding pattern is afoot until Manny Pacquiao completes what he came to do in Macau.  Facing a fighter with average power at best, it will be another step to the anticipated possibility of Manny and Floyd getting together.  Until Saturday night comes around, we will look at whom is really making noise in the undercard of this bout.  Also a display of what happens when a common man gets lippy with a former successful boxer turns tragic and finally completes the legal process this week.  Thank you for turning into ApexBoxingbetting and I am Bobbie Granville.

Power Without Control

To demonstrate the awesome power that even middling fighters retain over the years, we go across the pond.  In England, a criminal case just got settled that was dubbed a one punch killing.  Chris McLean got sentenced for him hitting a man once which resulted in a person’s death.  The victim fell like a plank while Chris cocked his fist and said boom.  Later on, he would assert a self defense claim and said that he feared getting hit first so he struck.  He got eighteen months in his role.  This just goes to illustrate the level of dedication and power these boxers have over the ordinary Joe.  It should impress upon the boxing community to use their prowess responsibly.

Macau Boxing Tax

Manny and Why Macau?

A second home for Pacquiao is now Macau.  He will have the home crowd for him when he takes the ring on Saturday.  While his fans in Asia appreciate him demonstrating his prowess so close to home, it comes down to tax breaks for Manny.  The IRS is under the assumption that the USA is still the Golden Goose and extracts a king’s ransom in levies and taxes to perform in Vegas.  A savings of 17 percent is to be had when he fights in or near Macau.  With an estimate of at least twenty million in it for him, over 3.4 million is cut off the loss and put back into his pocket.

Main Event Not The Most Popular Bout on the Card

A double gold medalist whom is home grown will rouse the natives into ear shattering noise on the same card.  Golden Zou is set to fight some tomato can from Thailand.  Clearly set up to propel his flyweight career, Zou will got to 6-0 unless an asteroid hits the Earth.  With more bouts migrating to Macau, China is anxious to get one of their own into the title picture in an ever increasingly popular sport.  Boxing is certainly on the uptick and Zou is the man pushing it to the forefront.