MC Mary Kom Among Those Mentioned by President Obama

MC Mary Kom Gets Nod From Obama

US President Obama took time out on his visit to India to acknowledge just some of their world class athletes.  Out of his mouth came praise for MC Mary Kom.  Known as Magnificent Mary, she has dominated women’s boxing at her weight class for many years.  She is a mother of three now who is sidelined with a shoulder injury.  A bronze at London was the only disappointment as she has dominated the Asian Games for her native India.  Flyweight is her normal weight as she is a stellar example of how hard work and boxing can elevate the lives of people from every corner of the world we all live in.

UFC Ignores Tennessee and Will Be Outlawed

Semantics nor love will allow the UFC to be legal in Tennessee after July 1st.  This is what happens when a couple seeks to break up.  Tensions run high when the money gets tight.  At the start, the Tennessee Athletic Commission was established to over see UFC and MMA.  Instead of a fee, the government agency wanted a percentage.  With strong gate and tv revenue early on, both sides were happy.  However, since the UFC has been hell bent into expanding into foreign markets, the Volunteer State has seen only one show.  Now action has been taken since the coffers are not getting the anticipated flow into them.  No action in the next two weeks and the UFC will be forced to part ways in Tennessee.

Manny Poker bluffed

Finally, word has been floating around that Floyd is not the only heavy hitter when it comes to gambling.  Manny likes to mix it up on the poker table.  Justin Smith fondly remembers a massive 100k bluff on the river getting by Pacquiao.  He got the champ to lay down top pair which were aces.  Justin had air and after Manny asked him to show him three times he finally did so.  His eyes narrowed and he ran over to him.  He ended up giving him a huge hug because he appreciated the stones it took to do that.  So while we are in this holding pattern, Apex Boxing Betting appreciates you reading our page.  Next time we will have a premium Free Pick for the upcoming weekend’s action.