MegaBout Literally A Cut Above Most

Every serious sport needs their moment to just laugh out loud.  Hopefully this will be a result of intention and not a lackluster product in play.  Boxing has had an uplift as of late due to of all people Wayne Rooney.  The British soccer star was on the wrong end of a “haymaker” from Phil Bardsley which knocked him for a loop.  In the video portion at the end, we see Wayne pop right up and start rummaging about.  This make serious headlines in the Sun and other Euro newspapers.  In the end, the pair are fine and boxing got a chuckle it richly deserves as the march to the Mega Bout goes on.

Reversal of Fine Fortune

One of the reasons that Floyd kept pointing to in the past has collapsed like a sand castle facing a wave.  Back in 2009, Mayweather noted that Manny’s refusal to certain drug testing rules as the reason their bout did not go out.  Now with the mega fight inked, Manny has suggested that should either fighter fail a drug test that the person should have to pay the other party a $5 million dollar fine.  This was categorically rejected by the Mayweather camp.  While this head scratching irony will not hinder this fight, it appears to be a black eye for the PR of Mayweather’s assert of being the best ever.

Cut Above the Rest

How hard is this fight going over with fans?  A man whose moniker is Anthony Barber is creating works of art in people’s hair.  Normally this would get the once over but he has raised it to a new level by giving the Floyd or Pacquiao treatment to those that visit where he works.  The cover image to the article features a haircut.  It is not photo shopped in any way.  This testimony is how the mega bout could bring the sweet science back to the forefront of the public’s attention.