MMA and UFC a Quick Look at who to bet in August

Over the last decade or so, bettors have expanded their horizons by discovering that MMA is a not only a fun sport to watch, but a profitable sports to bet on as well. Just as any other sport around the world, there are literally billions of dollars being spent betting MMA, specifically the UFC. The question must be asked; where are those billions of dollars going? Is all of the money going to the coffers of the online sportsbooks or is some of it going in your pocket? If it’s not going in your pocket, then that’s a problem. There is no excuse for not winning money on the UFC. Many of the fights are highly predictable and for this reason the moneyline odds can be expensive.

Betting on Boxing and MMA – Value in Betting Total Rounds

You have two choices when it comes to betting moneylines in the UFC, you can either close your eyes and lay the big juice, or you can just lay off completely. The latter seems to not be the choice at hand. The reason you look at boxing odds is to know how much you are going to have to spend. You want to bet this sport and your goal is to make a ton of money.

Know the sport like the back of your hand. It matters not what sport you are betting on. It can be soccer, football, baseball, golf, it can even be bowling or ping pong! The one thing that you must do before spending any money on any bet is, know the sport and know the players and teams or you are bound to come out in the wash as a loser.

Can anyone become a professional handicapper? Listen, a lot of folks might lie to you and tell you yes, you can become a handicapper, however, this is not realistic. Handicapping takes literally months of studying and reading and preparing and years and years’ worth of knowledge. You may be a great fan and you may absolutely know the ins and outs of any given sport. Take baseball for example; it’s a great sport to bet on and sharp players swear this is the one sport where they make a handsome living. Here is how they do it: These guys usually don’t have jobs, they live in the sportsbook or in front of five computer screens on their desk in the den! They are the guys that sit in the back of the sportsbooks in Las Vegas with a nameplate on a chair! They have devoted their every waking hour to baseball and they hit at around 62-65% of the bets they make. Yes, they are making a very good living and they have the bankroll to ride the waves.

Live Betting – The Latest in the Evolution of Sports Betting

You probably have neither the time or the bankroll, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a winner. Find a handicapper that come with a stellar reputation or a handicapping website/game adviser site… These guys know their stuff! They do this for a living and you can trust them. If you want to make money betting boxing and the UFC, then by all means, hire a trusted handicapper.

Check out the odds from America’s Bookie on some of the better fights for the month of August:


Swanson vs. Moicano (8/4/18)
Matchup Odds
Cub Swanson +300
Renato Moicano -400


Johnson vs. Cejudo (8/4/18)
Matchup Odds
Demetrious Johnson -600
Henry Cejudo +450


Garbrandt vs. Dillashaw (8/4/18)
Matchup Odds
Cody Garbrandt +100
T.J. Dillashaw -125


Frampton vs. Jackson (8/18/18)
Matchup Odds
Carl Frampton -10000
Luke Jackson +1600


Fury vs. Pianeta (8/18/18)
Matchup Odds
Tyson Fury -10000
Francesco Pianeta +1600