MMA Free Picks for UFC 199 6/4

MMA Free Picks come front and center this weekend here at APEX Boxing Betting.  This Saturday we get the final UFC ppv before their anniversary event at #200.  Dana White did not skimp on this one as we have two title fights on the main card.  Prelims at 8PM on Fox Sports 1 with the big boys getting it going at 10PM EST on ppv.  Join us now as we build our bankroll’s momentum for the upcoming banner event.

MMA Free Picks : Time Changes Everything

One of the events we forecast today is Dominick Cruz vs Urijah Faber.  Cruz has his only professional loss to him almost a decade ago against Faber.  The wagering and UFC worlds have changed so much since then.  The homepage of has a synopsis of the betting changes in the last decade.  Since that loss, Cruz has evolved into the force he is today.  No real defensive liabilities. Lightning quick reflexes with a level of fitness few can rival.  Faber is older now at 37 but has kept intact his wrestling, grappling, and submissions skills.  There is a reason why cruz is near a -500 favorite for this one.  He will dictate pace and wear out the older man in a fight that goes the full distance.  Over 4 1/2 rounds with a more reasonable level of chalk near -200 should be your investment in this one.

Fill In Bisping

Michael Bisping plays the company man being the fill in for Chris Weidman.  He gets a title shot for his troubles against Luke Rockford.  This is a massive mismatch for the champ.  Rockford is in his prime and has an arsenal of attack options here.  Another fighter at 37 is the challenger.  Bisping is an even bigger underdog.  His loss to Rockford years ago was bad and this time will be worse.  Parlay the Rockford moneyline with your sporting investments this weekend.

Great fight with two championship bouts.  The challengers are experienced and should last a long time so there is entertainment value.  Elect in our two free picks to plunder the books of some profit this weekend.  June 4th is the event with the ppv portion starting at 10PMEST.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Boxing.