More UFC Fight Night Preview for Saturday

An antithesis in UFC takes the ring on Saturday evening as Fox Sports 1 brings Fight Night for our viewing and wagering pleasure.  Highlighted is a person who has the dramatic flair for losing.  He is pedestrian in his victories but he has great flame outs when he gets crushed.  We are talking about Erick Sivla (16-5-1) as he gets to face Mike Rhodes (6-3).  We will get to see some spectacular return near +300 if Rhodes can pull the upset.

ZZZ Expected

But wait one minute.  Rhodes is light years above what his record hints at.  His game as long as he stays vertical improves in leaps and bounds as his evolution continues.  He is a one dimensional fighter but there is still a niche for that.  Silva to his credit likes to dictate the pace.  He does well when he perceives that he has the lead or the advantage.  This is very dangerous because Rhodes will have the stamina to avoid takedowns very early.  Erick’s aggressiveness will play into the skill set of Mike Rhodes.  If this is a slugfest then the +300 is more than enough to take a flier on the underdog here.

Barao’s Limitation

Very dangerous is it for the man who goes to the same well all the time.  This type of exclusivity exposes the handicapper to hazards as well as the source eventually drying up.  For many, they can not put money on Barao.  His loss to Dillishaw was disheartening but the aftermath is crippling for his action.  He had to give up his rematch when his physical limits were overloaded in the attempt to get to the 135 pound weight limit.  A fighter that can not make his weight safely either has some physical defect or inferior management advising him to fight at that level. No matter what, a lot of people will shun him because of this.  He is in one of the co-main events at the UFC Fight night.  It might be prudent to do some investigation on his opponent, Mitch Gagnon, and his juicy +600 ML.  No matter what we like the over 1 1/2 rounds in this one at -145.

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