One to Tail and a Fail for Our Boxing Dollars


APEX Boxing Betting present to fighters on the opposite end of the spectrum.  One is an up and comer that our wagering dollar should soon embrace.  The other is one trading in on his name.  He can not make weight and is ineffective even when having a great edge.  Follow us as we reveal these two names on our continual quest to collect boxing profit.

One to Watch

On whatever device that you record vital information, APEX Boxing Betting has a nugget for you.  He goes by the name of Larry Ekundayo and he is certainly on the rise.  Nigeria claims him as one of their own and he is in the welterweight division.  Being the nation’s highest ranked boxer, the allure to him is easy to comprehend in Africa but he has been setting Britain ablaze.  He won the British title in eliminator style punctuated by a knockout.  He next steps in the ring in Liverpool on the 25th.  Make sure to follow his progress as he will all earn us some profit with his flair for knockouts.

Chavez Receiving Massive Heat

Weight problems are only the latest in many floundering moves made by Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.  Clearly trading in on his name, he could not make the 168lb mark last Saturday.  He agreed to pay his opponent a fee to bump it up to 170lbs.  Pitiful that he could not make that one either.  His name can not translate the massive crowds it used to as less than 10,000 saw him win in less than impressive fashion over.  In the end and against an opponent he outweighed by probably twenty pounds, he managed to make Reyes look good.  A controversial deducted point for head contact punctuated the need of extraordinary circumstances for him to prevail.  Julio should just ride off into the sunset after this one.

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